7 Things Real Estate Brokers Will Not Tell You

7 Things Real Estate Brokers Will Not Tell You

Real estate is a big business that lets you truly dive into it, and the craze it gives with hard work gets you a positive result. There are many elements that every real estate broker needs to understand to get the best results—the real estate vocabulary, national and jurisdictional laws, and the code of ethics.

Similarly, if you are looking for a decent housing option, you require a proper real estate broker that selects the best properties for you, pricing options, and a better contract. You will know the best deals to help you get your dream housing project.

Before finalising any property, you must clear all your doubts as the investment can be wrong. Everything has pros and cons; the same goes when you have a real estate agent. There are certain things the broker will not tell you while making a final decision. So, You must take care of these things before making your final decision.

7 Things The Broker Will Not Tell You

Many things will be kept hidden from you until you ask about them. For an unknown buyer, these things can be a nightmare for them. So, if you are also planning to buy a property with the help of a real estate broker, you must consider these points and make your final decision. It’s a deal between two people; either you break it or go with it.

1: Buying a Lower-Priced House

Like every new buyer, you will prefer to seek help from an experienced professional. Many times willing buyers are looking for a real estate agent to grab the best deals and amenities to add an extra edge to their housing. However, everyone knows that the amenities are not the only thing that matters.

Every broker wants to make people spend more on whatever they seek. However, it is not the case anymore. Many agents try to knock out the lower-priced property by pointing out unnecessary project issues and highlighting high-priced properties. It will make people inclined to buy an expensive one.

Like every agent or broker, they are well-versed with the neighbourhoods you are looking for a property. Suppose you want to search for a house in a particular location; you will seek help from a broker to help you finalise a property.

Similarly, the broker does proper research before showing you the projects. It will be a blunder for the broker who hasn’t studied the neighbourhood they are about to sell. The broker knows everything, whether it’s about the best coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and entertainment places, to make the buyer think more.

Suppose you try to look for properties in a low-priced area; the brokers will point out unnecessary issues and will not let you buy them with your mood.

2: False Promise on Location Development

Often buyers look for a housing project with every kind of amenities included in the housing. Real estate agents sell properties by making false promises about the locality’s development, leading to buyers buying the project with a chance of getting several benefits.

However, due to these false promises, many buyers regret a lot. Always search for projects with their locality already developed rather than getting into the trap of purchasing the property just by listening to it. It doesn’t matter about the design of the project. Other things matter a lot in the end.

Always try to search for those properties located in the developed area. Although they will cost you more, you will have the security of it.

3: A Fake Ready-to-Move-In Conditioned Home Promise

The buyers often only want to buy houses into which they can shift without waiting a lot. The ready-to-move-in housing units are amongst the most selling options instead of those not ready to move in. Probably, this is amongst the most important things to remember while renting your house.

If the housing is not as per expectation, you can’t afford to repair it, and it will be a loss for you too. Instead, real estate brokers make fake promises about delivering the ready-to-move units to the buyers once it is completed and ready for possession. Although, you must be aware of what’s happening around you and talk to the seller if you are about to shift to new housing.

It is the main cause why individuals don’t trust real estate brokers to buy a project without prior experience.

4: Hidden Property Charges

It is the most important thing one should know before making any deal. Many brokers hide some charges in the property that many willing buyers might not buy. There are certain kinds of charges that you might be unaware of. It can be any maintenance charges or additional costs; the hidden costs of buying a property can also be a loan, documentation, property, title, or third-party costs.

This amount is comparatively much higher than you can ever imagine, leading to heavy buyer payment. Due to these issues, real estate agents always hide these additional costs while selling or showing a project to you.

To save yourself from this trap, always consult these factors before buying any property and enquire about all the charges you must pay.

5: You Shouldn’t Buy or Sell Your Home

Since it is well known that real estate developers try to put their best in selling a project to you or helping the buyers to buy one for them, they won’t tell you by themselves about not selling or buying a home. It is a must for buyers to do proper research before purchasing any project.

Check for the things that are most important to you. It is better to search for places that have everything in your area. It costs you a lot if you buy a project without checking any necessary things that keep the purchase of the project.

You must keep an eye on the market situation. Suppose you are not ready to buy any project due to financial constraints; the market is going well. The deals you are getting today will not come tomorrow. So, you will be pushed by the brokers to buy the project.

6: Commissions Aren’t Negotiable

Commissions are among the most crucial things to remember while consulting a broker. Negotiating is one of the worst things you can do with your real estate broker. You don’t negotiate with your plumber, doctor, or any helper. So, why negotiate with someone who gives you your dream house? Don’t haggle with your agent to make your decision difficult.

Most real estate agents get offended if you haggle with them on pricing. The price they charge is precise as per current requirements. However, you should always give the proper amount to them so they work hard for it. Before negotiating, ask yourself, how can you trust someone who gets offended by your behaviour towards paying less?

Moreover, some brokers offer negotiation services before reaching out to you. However, the margin of negotiation will not be too much, and it’s a mere pricing difference that you can take advantage of.

7: You Don’t Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy or Sell Your Property

Though the real estate industry is spreading faster, so is the real estate agents. They try harder to get more clients, but no real estate agent will tell you that you don’t need an agent or broker to buy or sell a property. With a bit of research, you can buy or sell a property without a third party involved.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Real Estate Broker

The real estate market is quite big and popular, making you confused about choosing the right agent. Although, if you are hiring someone for your work, be ready to face the disadvantages of having it too. Several disadvantages of hiring a real estate developer are:

  • Real estate agents charge a high commission. If someone is highly professional, you can expect a commission margin of up to 6% of the total. Even if you don’t make any profit, the agent will indeed be having some of it.
  • You may be misguided and have to pay more.
  • Professional real estate agents are not only working for you. Big agents simultaneously work with other clients along with you. This issue can lead to delays in getting outputs, missed deadlines, and deal breakups.
  • Things may not go as you wish, and you may get bluffed, as you are not only the client for the brokers.
  • The real estate brokers may take you through a slower process of buying or selling the house.
  • You may have to pay more than required.

Guidelines in the Code of Ethics Include

  • Promote the client’s interest at all costs.
  • Parties must be treated fairly.
  • Never mislead the seller to get your name in the listing.
  • Never reveal confidential information to clients that can hamper your image.
  • Never use others’ information for your use.
  • Never accept any profit or commission without the consent of the client.
  • Never mix your funds with a client’s funds.
  • Never go beyond the name. Don’t ask for race, ethics, religion, or anything similar.
  • Do not discriminate based on colour, religion, gender, financial status, and other classes.
  • Corporate with others and get the best output.


You should never buy a home if you are not sure about the liabilities it comes with. Housing is a special thing that an individual can add to their lives. However, don’t proceed further if you are unsure what you will get in return.

Never make any random deals; try to explore more than usual to get the highest level of satisfaction. Housing is not a joke—it is a lifetime experience that will be life-changing too. Also, always make a list of things to remember while consulting a broker.

However, you must be careful about making the right decision with the right real estate broker, as sometimes you will pay more than usual. It is better to clear things priorly before proceeding further.