A Comprehensive Guide on Top 5 Posh Areas in Gandhinagar

A Comprehensive Guide On Top 5 Posh Areas In Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, has a remarkable blend of sustainable urban development and rich cultural heritage. Renowned for its meticulous planning by architect H.K. Mewada and named after Mahatma Gandhi, this city has witnessed a surge in real estate demand.

Notably, the presence of key government institutions like the Gujarat Legislative Assembly and esteemed educational establishments like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has contributed to its allure.

Enhanced connectivity through infrastructure projects like metro rail connections further adds to Gandhinagar’s appeal as a prime residential destination.

Top 5 Posh Areas in Gandhinagar

1: GIFT City

GIFT City, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, is Gandhinagar’s premier financial and tech hub. Backed by the Gujarat government and international institutions, it offers SEZ status, top-tier infrastructure, and tax incentives. Conveniently located between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, it has excellent road networks like the Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Expressway and an upcoming metro rail project, ensuring seamless connectivity.

GIFT City aims to attract global businesses while providing a hassle-free environment for professionals. Projects developed by renowned names like Sobha and Nila Spaces offer premium residential options with world-class amenities, such as Nila Vida, Bakeri Stella, and Sobha Avalon.

The average property rate in this futuristic hub is Rs. 9,400 per square foot, catering to discerning buyers seeking luxury and convenience.

2: Sector 25

Sector 25 in Gandhinagar epitomises modern living with its meticulously planned infrastructure and lush green surroundings. The average property in Sector 25 is Rs.1905 per square foot, catering to diverse budgets.

The locality features wide, well-maintained roads and lush green surroundings complemented by architectural brilliance. Strategically located near essential amenities like Gandhinagar International Airport and esteemed educational institutions like IIT Gandhinagar, Sector 25 ensures seamless connectivity and accessibility.

Residents enjoy a range of recreational facilities, including parks, sports complexes, and community centres.

3: Infocity

Gandhinagar’s Infocity, a prominent technology hub, has become a highly desirable residential area for IT professionals. Situated near Ahmedabad, Infocity offers a unique blend of convenience and tranquillity with its well-planned infrastructure. Infocity’s strategic location ensures seamless connectivity to Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and nearby cities like Kalol, Vadodara, and Mehsana via the Airport Road and SG Highway, facilitating easy commuting for residents and visitors alike.

The average property rate in Infocity is Rs. 7,700 per square foot, making it an attractive investment for those in the tech industry.

4: Sargasan

Sargasan, located in the heart of Gandhinagar, is a charming neighbourhood known for its convenience and connectivity. Residents of Sargasan benefit from easy access to a range of amenities, including reputed schools like EuroKids and hospitals like Adani Shantigram Hospital. The locality is well-connected to Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad via the nearby Sarkhej-Gandhinagar (SG) Highway, ensuring seamless commutes.

This strategic location and excellent educational facilities make Sargasan an ideal destination for families, with projects like Saamarth City, Maruti Sydney Lifestyle and Rudra Infinity. Leading developers such as Rudra Developers and Saamarth Group have developed premium residential projects in the area.

The average property rate in Sargasan is Rs. 5,200 per square foot, providing residents with luxurious homes amidst tranquil surroundings and convenient access to essential amenities.

5: Raysan

Raysan, nestled amidst Gandhinagar’s natural beauty, is a captivating neighbourhood that entices newcomers and long-time residents. With the presence of developers like SKR Madhav Developer, Saamarth Group and Keshvam Realty, Raysan offers a variety of housing options, such as contemporary flats at “Keshvam Skycity” and spacious villas at “Saamarth Lavish Villa“.

What distinguishes Raysan is its close-knit community spirit. Residents gather at “Raysan Park” for leisure activities and foster genuine connections.

The neighbourhood also has excellent amenities like “Sunrise International School” and “City Mall,” ensuring convenience and quality living. The average property rate in Raysan is Rs. 6,500 per square foot, making it an attractive choice for luxury living.

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Gandhinagar

1: Location and Connectivity

Gandhinagar’s strategic location near major highways, railway stations like Gandhinagar Capital, and the upcoming Ahmedabad Metro Phase II ensures excellent connectivity. For instance, residential areas like Sargasan and Kudasan offer easy access to transportation hubs and educational institutes.

2: Infrastructure Development and Employment Opportunities

Gandhinagar is rapidly developing its infrastructure, especially in the IT-ITeS sector, with growing employment opportunities.

Areas like GIFT City are set to be a global financial hub, and Adalaj, a promising residential town, provides affordable housing options.

3: Local Amenities and Facilities

The city offers a range of local amenities, including reputed educational institutes like Vasu International School and healthcare facilities such as Radhe Multispecialty Hospital.

Marketplaces like Teen Darwaza and Gandhinagar Ravivar cater to daily needs, enhancing residents’ overall convenience.

4: Safety and Security Measures

Prioritise safety when choosing a residential property. Look for developments with proper security measures like CCTV surveillance and trained security personnel.

Reliable projects like Swagat Queensland and Arpan Radhe Infinity in areas like Sargasan and Kudasan ensure a secure living environment for families.

5: RERA Registration

Ensure the residential property you consider is registered under RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority). This regulatory body safeguards buyers’ interests and monitors real estate transactions.

Verify the RERA registration status of projects through the RERA Gujarat website to ensure transparency and legality in your investment.


Top 5 posh areas in Gandhinagar

  • GIFT City
  • Sector 25
  • Infocity
  • Sargasan
  • Raysan

Things to know before moving to Gandhinagar

  • Location and Connectivity
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Local Amenities and Facilities
  • Safety and Security Measures
  • RERA Registration


Which is the most posh area in Gandhinagar?

GIFT City is considered one of Gandhinagar’s most posh areas. It’s a premier financial and tech hub offering top-tier infrastructure and amenities.

What are the posh areas in Gandhinagar?

The posh areas in Gandhinagar include GIFT City, Sector 25, Infocity, Sargasan, and Raysan, each known for their modern amenities and well-planned infrastructure.

Which are the top 3 posh areas in Gandhinagar?

Gandhinagar’s top three posh areas are GIFT City, Sector 25, and Infocity. These areas offer luxurious living with excellent connectivity and facilities.

How many posh areas are there in Gandhinagar?

Gandhinagar has five prominent posh areas: GIFT City, Sector 25, Infocity, Sargasan, and Raysan, each offering distinct resident advantages.

Is GIFT City one of the posh areas in Gandhinagar?

Yes, GIFT City is one of Gandhinagar’s most posh areas. It’s a futuristic financial and tech hub with premium residential options and world-class amenities.

Is Infocity a posh area in Gandhinagar?

Yes, Infocity is considered a posh area in Gandhinagar. It’s a prominent technology hub offering a desirable residential environment with a well-planned infrastructure.

Are the posh areas in Gandhinagar safe at night?

The article does not specifically mention safety at night. Still, posh areas like GIFT City, Sector 25, Infocity, Sargasan, and Raysan are generally well-developed and likely have adequate security measures. However, it’s always recommended to prioritise safety considerations and inquire with local authorities or residents for specific details.