How to Change Address in Bank Account after Shifting House?

How to Change Address in Bank Account after Shifting House?

A crucial part of moving is updating documents like bank addresses etc., to guarantee smooth communication.

After moving, updating your bank account’s address is necessary. It is good to get it altered to avoid missing any bank-sent paperwork. The card statement and other papers will be sent to the old address if you don’t update your address. It is recommended to notify the Bank as soon as possible to ensure the smooth operation of the bank account.

Four Ways to Change Address in Bank Account after Shifting House

  • Visiting the bank branch
  • Using the net banking facility
  • By post or courier
  • Mobile App

Papers/Documents Required to update the address

The processes for changing addresses on bank accounts may differ slightly for different banks. However, below is the list of documents whose scanned copies must be given when changing your bank account address. The Bank accepts any document issued by the Central or State Governments. Some of those documents are-

  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Electricity or water bill
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Passport
  • Property tax receipt

Let us take the example of the State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, and ICIC Bank on changing Bank addresses there.

State Bank of India

SBI sends several important papers, including loan paperwork, debit card, credit card, secure PINs, and more. The valuables may disappear if the records have an incorrect or outdated address. Here is how to update your SBI bank account’s address:

  • Go to the closest SBI branch.
  • Complete the application and provide a self-attested copy of the address documentation.
  • Upon verification, SBI will change the address.

At the moment, SBI does not provide an online address-changing service. To complete the necessary, you must go to the nearby SBI bank.


There are several methods available for changing the communication address at HDFC Bank.

Changing Address Through NetBanking

  • Access the HDFC Bank online banking website.
  • Enter your password and consumer ID.
  • Choose Update Contact Information from the top menu. Change Address Transaction by selecting it.
  • Study the list of papers that can be used to update the address before scanning the originals. Choose Continue.
  • It would open a new page where all documents can be uploaded, and click “Upload.”

After a day or two, your address data will be updated.

Changing Address via Courier or Mail

The procedure to update your bank account’s address through mail or courier is as follows:

  • Fill up and print a form to change your mailing address online.
  • Sign the form and include a self-attested copy of the address documentation.
  • Deliver the application and paperwork to the nearest HDFC branch through mail or courier.

The address will change in a day or two, and a letter with the new address will be delivered.

Changing Address by Visiting the Nearest HDFC Branch

Follow these steps to update your address by visiting the HDFC Branch:

  • Go to the nearest HDFC Bank location.
  • Complete the application for an address change.
  • Attach a self-attested copy of the address verification and bring the original paperwork.


There are various ways to change the Address in ICICI bank as well. Here is how to do it:

Changing Address Through NetBanking

  • Visit the net banking portal of ICICI Bank
  • Log in to the portal using your user ID and password.
  • Click on Service Requests and select More from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Request for change of communication address.
  • Click on Submit and enter the new address.
  • Enter the OTP sent on the registered mobile number.
  • If a bank needs more verification, they might ask for address proof.

Moreover, the address would be updated in 1-2 days.

Changing address via iMobile App

  • Open the mobile App on your smartphone.
  • Choose Insta Banking Services from the menu’s services section.
  • Then choose Update Address.
  • Provide the information for your new address and press “Submit.”
  • After this, ICICI Bank may request address proof verification.

Changing Address by Visiting the Nearest ICICI Branch

  • Visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch.
  • Fill out the form for an address change.
  • The address proof papers will be validated when the form is submitted.
  • The address will be updated upon successful verification.

Changing Address via Customer Care Support

Before moving to a new address, the address can be updated by contacting and connecting with ICICI Bank’s toll-free customer care number at 1860 120 7777 or 4040 661 850.

Contacts of the Banks Mentioned Above

These banks can be contacted easily at the following numbers or via email regarding any questions about updating the address on the bank account.

  • State Bank of India- Contact Number: 1800 1234, 800 11 2211 94491 12211. Email ID- customercare@sbi
  • HDFC Bank- Contact Number: 011-61606161/1860 267 6161. Email ID- [email protected], [email protected]
  • ICICI Bank- Contact Number- 1800 1080. Email ID- [email protected]


After moving, updating the bank account’s address is unnecessary, and it is good to ensure that no bank-sent paperwork is missed. The card statement and other papers will be sent to the old address only if the address is not updated.

Provide the new address to the Bank, credit card companies, and other financial organizations to guard against identity theft. Maintaining current records is the most excellent approach to stop sensitive information from being disclosed through the mail, as mail theft is one of the most frequent ways identity theft happens.

Updating the address ensures the billing statements arrive in time for credit card payment and avoids late fees. Nobody wants their credit card statements delivered to an address no longer in use, as essential documents could be stolen and used for fraud or identity theft. These statements could contain credit card numbers or other sensitive personal information.


Is it required to update your address on your bank account when you move into a new house?

A change of address on a bank account is not required. Yet, while moving to a new home, one must update their bank account’s address.

How can I change my bank address?

Every Bank offers different ways to update the address. For example, the State Bank of India doesn’t allow you to update your address, and you must visit the nearest SBI Branch. On the other hand, ICICI Bank will enable you to change online, via the mobile App, offline, and more.

How long does it take to update the bank address?

Mostly, via an online process, it takes 2-3 days for the address to get updated. Every way takes a different amount of time, but it mainly changes within a few weeks.

What happens if I don't update my Bank address?

Not changing your bank address leads to losing urgent bills, mail, and significant bank statements and the risk of private information getting into the wrong hands.