Top Reasons You May Look For When Planning To Invest In Kalyan

Top Reasons You May Look for When Planning to Invest in Kalyan

Mumbai has a huge real estate market in many areas people plan to invest in. One such area is Kalyan, and here are some reasons to invest here.

The real estate industry in Mumbai is booming. Specifically, there have been numerous new real estate developments in the twin cities of Kalyan-Dombivli. Over the past ten years, Kalyan, a suburb near Mumbai, has seen the growth of numerous real estate projects.

The cheap housing projects in the residential region of Kalyan are well-known for attracting first-time homebuyers. The neighbourhood is primarily made up of multi-story homes, with a few commercial and industrial structures. The proximity of the industrial zones and Mumbai both contribute to the strong demand for housing in the area.

Kalyan has developed quickly in terms of infrastructure, making it one of the best places to purchase property. Furthermore, due to its easy access to public transportation and numerous community facilities, the middle class has discovered it to be the ideal location to reside and operate a business. The city offers many high-tech dwellings for those seeking their perfect home at any cost.

11 Reasons To Look For When Investing In Kalyan

1: Easy Metro Line Connectivity (Metro Line 5)

Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan is connected by metro line 5, a 24.9-kilometre elevated line with 17 stations. Travel time will be decreased by connecting the business, industry, and governmental sectors of Bhiwandi, Thane, with Kalyan via rail. This connectivity is causing a quicker pace of emigration to Kalyan. Experts and studies predict that by 2031, approximately 46 lakh people may relocate to Kalyan.

2: Easy Connectivity With The New Kalyan Ring Road 2

The MMRDA has planned a 26-kilometre ring road leading Dombivli West and Titwala Village in Kalyan. The project is enormous because it will shorten travel times and traffic jams. After the ring road is finished, it will take 15 minutes to get from Kalyan to Titwala.

The 12.3-kilometre road known as the Airoli-Katai Naka increased construction project is thought to be 10 kilometres away from the proposed Kalyan-Dombivali Ring Road. Moreover, the Mumbra-Panvel Lane tunnel and the forthcoming Shiphata overpass will improve traffic flow.

3: Recognised As An Intelligent City

Kalyan has been designated as the Smart City by the government, and this should surpass other areas of Mumbai over the next decade. Electricity, drainage, garbage, and medical services are interconnected systems and public amenities that comprise the Smart City. Three of the 20 projects in the Smart Masterplan are complete.

The three projects are household garbage bins for segregation, a 10-metric-ton bio-methanation facility in Umbarde, plus the handling of solid waste. The controlling command centre, traffic lights, and CCTV projects are all finished and will begin soon. The chamber is close to Kalyan’s Shivaji Chowk and the KDMC headquarters (W).

4: Kalyan Station Renovation

On the Central Railway line, Kalyan is a critical junction that serves as an outstation train terminus. The Kalyan station renovation plan will include six more facilities for long-distance trains. The eight platforms that are currently in use are only going to be utilised by local authorities, allowing for quicker train transfers. A circuit relay mechanism will also be installed at the Kalyan station as a component of the endeavour. For the management of the signalling system, it is essential.

5: Better Road Connection to Six Economic Centers

Property values have increased due to improved road connectivity among Kalyan and six major commercial centres. Bhiwandi, Ambernath, Dombivli, Ulhasnagar, Thane and Badlapur. are among these centres. They have made it easier for those who commute inside these areas to get about, making it possible to help manufacturing industries carry their goods more quickly and safely. As a result of the development’s connections to other areas, Kalyan’s demand for real estate has increased.

6: Affordable Housing

Compared to other places, Kalyan offers affordable flat housing. Customers and investors are two of the main market potential in Kalyan because the city has a mix of current and accomplished development projects. Because of the increasing need for Kalyan, the area is presently the seventh-largest urban centre in Maharashtra by inhabitants. Homes in Dombivli and Kalyan are reasonably priced.

7: Excellent Infrastructural Facilities Around

The city’s established social infrastructure and forthcoming new facilities rank among the most important criteria when selecting a house in Kalyan.

The best neighbourhoods in the area have included places like Khadakpada, Palava, and Manpada, among others. Kalyan is home to some of the most esteemed educational institutions. The region also offers excellent hospitals, banks, restaurants, theatres, parks, and other establishments.

There are stores and entertainment options like Carnival Multiplex, Reliance Fresh, and D-Mart. Kalyan is the finest option. The development of the area and the increase in employment opportunities brought about by the construction of the Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor might increase demand for additional residential developments in Kalyan.

8: Easy Reach to Schools and Universities

Due to the availability of famous schools like St. Lawrence International and Don Bosco, Podar, universities like Birla College and JSSP are located nearby. Through the University’s Kalyan sub-centre, individuals may apply for admittance to the engineering college and register for 100 courses. They are currently increasing the educational options for pupils by adding four additional disciplines to their Kalyan sub-centre.

In Kalyan, the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) will open a management school shortly. The programme will include professors from prominent universities, including the Kellogg School of Management and the Wharton School of Business. Students can expect a competitive academic environment from these Kalyan universities. Also, it will raise housing demand in the region.

9: Good Employment Opportunities

Big businesses are finding a sizable warehouse and logistics marketplace in the region surrounding Bhiwandi and Kalyan.

Several multinational corporations (MNCs) have relocated their headquarters from Mumbai’s Central Business Districts (CBDs) to places like Thane, Kalyan-Bhiwandi, and Navi Mumbai. Large enterprises are moving to Kalyan due to better available land, lower property prices, and increased connectivity, significantly increasing employment opportunities.

10: More Effective Social Infrastructure

While there are numerous reasons to pick real estate properties in Kalyan, the area’s social infrastructure, which includes colleges, schools, malls, sports facilities, and recreation spaces, is another significant benefit.

Private developers are constructing numerous social infrastructure projects along the Bhiwandi-Kalyan corridor due to the area’s high population density and affordable housing costs. The factors most likely encouraging the calibre of infrastructural development are:

  • Undoubtedly the pace at which connection is being upgraded is.
  • The accessibility to inexpensive apartments in Kalyan.
  • The imminent expansion of employment prospects.

11: The Future Commercial Hub Is Kalyan

Kalyan is a good place to invest now because it will shortly become a well-known commercial powerhouse in Mumbai. The development plan for Kalyan is little more than a business and commercial hub. It is intended to grow into a commercial hub with all contemporary amenities to make life perfectly comfortable. Housing and transportation are some of these amenities.

Several variables, including connection, availability, employability, and facilities, have influenced the total change in the city. The local real estate market is now seeing positive trends, and one should prepare for a price hike over the coming quarters because so many construction projects are in the pipeline.

The Kalyan-Dombivli region is the top choice if you’re interested in investing in affordable houses because the region’s rapid economic growth will guarantee the city’s future success.

The Housing Real Estate Market Of Kalyan

The Thane-Dombivli Municipal Council is in charge of Kalyan West, a city in Maharashtra’s Thane district located on the Ulhas River’s shores. It is a prestigious residential neighbourhood adjacent to the Major Highways and has seen significant demand for rentals and house purchases.

One of the main elements of its appeal has been its good social architecture, which is connected to the rest of the world by substantial road networks and railroads.

Residential properties with 1 or 2 bedrooms predominate in Kalyan West, a prestigious real estate district. While there are numerous relatively high population options in the area, many developments are reasonably priced and in the middle of the market.

The area’s strategic location has attracted many renowned builders working on projects here. Developers can select from various under-construction apartment complexes and several ready-to-move developments to save money.

The Maharashtra government has made a significant step by identifying and developing several growth centres to lessen the demand for land and offer additional housing options to achieve the current capabilities of all regions and increase employment prospects.

Mumbai entrepreneurs are very interested in Kalyan because they know that it would provide them with solid returns over the long term. Apartment alternatives are available in Kalyan apartment buildings to satisfy the requirements of different income levels.

The Future Of Kalyan’s Real Estate Market

The city is being transformed into a prospective hub by the Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor, marking the beginning of this developmental journey. The city has undergone a complete 360-degree revolution in connection, accessibility, occupation, and other infrastructure, transforming into a self-sufficient environment. Many individuals have already begun to benefit from the enormous future boom that this Magnificent project would undoubtedly bring to the region’s economy!

Kalyan West is a well-established neighbourhood, but the government is still improving its infrastructure to make it more livable. For example, the Maharashtra government expanded the section to six lanes to reduce traffic congestion on the Kalyan-Shilphata Road.

To enable quick access to Airoli near Navi Mumbai, a motorway from Katai Naka through Kalyan is also planned. Moreover, the two additional railway lines currently under construction will provide better coordination connecting Kurla and Kalyan.

Kalyan, Thane, and Bhiwandi commuters would choose to take the railway or the expressway in five years. To improve connectivity in Kalyan, initiatives, including the motorway, skywalks, and railway, are also planned. Kalyan is a well-developed area, given the rapid infrastructural growth.

The abovementioned projects would further improve the area’s livability if made available to the general public. Moreover, these improvements may increase the area’s property values, increasing investment return.


The first development centre in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area has been selected as Kalyan. Procuring more than one million hectares of the property will start early this year and next, directly and through municipal planning initiatives and other means. With this completion, it is intended to attract major corporations by making Kalyan an economic hub that should result in a significant transformation. Also, once construction in Kalyan begins following the suggested layout, it will undoubtedly affect the nearby areas.


Is Kalyan an excellent location to call home?

Indeed, Kalyan offers thriving infrastructure, numerous social amenities, and quite good roadways for a decent living atmosphere.

What advantages do investments in Kalyan Mumbai offer?

The following are a few advantages of investing in Kalyan: Recognition of intelligent cities, affordable housing, improved connection in the metro and roads, and newly established Colleges and schools can be enjoyed.

Is it wise to buy a business property in Kalyan, Mumbai?

MNCs have found the region surrounding Bhiwandi & Kalyan a significant storage and logistics centre. The headquarters of many MNCs have relocated across Mumbai to Thane and Kalyan-Bhiwandi. Because of the vast amount of land, the affordable cost of real estate, and the improved connection, large firms are moving here.

Are there any disadvantages to investing in Kayan?

You may sometimes face parking issues, water logging issues, drainage issues, etc., in the area. But the government is taking action against it.