10 Vastu-Approved Good Luck Paintings for your Home

10 Vastu-Approved Good Luck Paintings for your Home

This comprehensive guide explores the powerful influence of Vastu Shastra in selecting and placing Good Luck Paintings within your home. Uncover the secrets to harmonising your living space by harnessing the positive energies that art can bring.

Learn how to choose and position artworks as per Vastu directions, that not only enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal but also attract good fortune, positivity, and overall well-being in every corner of your living space.

What is a Good Luck Painting in Vastu for Home?

A Good Luck Painting in Vastu for your home is a special picture or artwork that’s chosen and put up in a way that’s meant to bring good vibes and good luck to your house. These paintings usually show things that are linked to happiness and good fortune. By picking the right art and hanging it in the right spot, you can make your home feel even cosier and luckier, following the ideas of Vastu Shastra.

Importance and Significance of Good Luck Paintings in Vastu

Good Luck Paintings hold significant importance in Vastu Shastra. These artworks are believed to channel positive energies and create a harmonious living environment. They play a crucial role in attracting good fortune, peace, and prosperity into your home.

In Vastu, the choice of paintings is guided by the principles of balance and positivity. Paintings depicting serene natural landscapes, religious symbols, or auspicious motifs are preferred. Art that evokes calmness and happiness is thought to enhance the overall energy of a space.

Furthermore, the placement of these paintings is equally crucial. Vastu recommends positioning them in specific areas of the home to maximise their positive impact. For instance, a painting of a rising sun or a peaceful water body is ideal in the east or northeast, while a religious painting is best placed in the puja room. By adding Good Luck Paintings in accordance with Vastu principles, you can create a space that not only pleases the eye but also invites luck and well-being into your life.

Types and Vastu Tips of Good Luck Paintings for Home

Types of Good Luck Paintings Vastu Tips
Painting of Running Horse A running horse symbolises swiftness and progress. Place it in the North direction or Northwest for career advancement and success.
Painting of Peaceful Buddha Buddha’s image radiates tranquillity. Position it in the East or Northeast for peace and enlightenment.
Painting of Couple Representing love and togetherness, place this painting in the Southwest to enhance relationships.
Painting of Butterfly Butterflies signify transformation. Hang it in the North or East for positive change and growth.
Painting of Peacock A symbol of beauty and grace, place it in the Southeast for overall prosperity.
Painting of Phoenix The Phoenix represents renewal. Position it in the South to welcome new beginnings.
Painting of Waterfall Waterfalls symbolise abundance. Hang it in the North for financial prosperity.
Painting of Nature and Greenery Nature scenes promote harmony. Place them in the East or Northeast for well-being.
Painting of Flowers Flowers bring positivity and charm. Hang them in the South or Southwest for good energy.
Painting of Grand Mountains Mountains represent stability. Position it in the Southwest for support and security.

Right Place As Per Vastu to Install Paintings of Good Luck in Home

Living Room: Hang paintings in the living room, especially in the North, East, or North-East corners, to encourage positive interactions and a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Bedroom: Place Good Luck Paintings in the bedroom, specifically in the Southwest direction, to promote peace, love, and harmony between couples.

Puja Room: Install spiritual or religious paintings in the puja room, ensuring they face East or North for heightened spirituality and devotion.

Study Room: Enhance concentration and knowledge by positioning these paintings in the study room, near the study table, preferably in the North or East.

Kitchen: Hang artwork in the kitchen area, avoiding the Northeast and Southwest corners, to maintain a positive and vibrant cooking environment.

Entrance: A painting near the entrance, facing East or North, can invite positivity and good energy into your home.

Children’s Room: Place paintings that promote creativity and learning in children’s rooms, preferably in the West or North-West.

Dining Room: Hang paintings that evoke happiness and good health in the dining area, ensuring they face east.

Bathroom: Avoid placing paintings in the bathroom, as it can disrupt the natural flow of energy.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Vastu Good Luck Paintings

Choose the Right Painting: The type of painting you select is crucial. Opt for artwork that resonates with positivity and harmony. Traditional Vastu-friendly choices include images of nature, serene landscapes, religious symbols, or auspicious motifs. Each of these can attract good fortune and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Choose the Right Placement: The placement of the painting is equally vital. The direction in which the artwork faces is significant. For instance, a rising sun or a tranquil water body is best placed in the east or northeast to invite the energy of new beginnings and freshness.

Choose the Right Location: Consider the room or area where you intend to hang the painting. Specific locations may be more appropriate depending on the room’s function and the energies you want to enhance. For example, place a painting promoting love and togetherness in the Southwest, which is associated with relationships.

Choose the Right Frame: The frame of the painting should complement the artwork and the room’s decor. Wooden or metal frames are popular choices. Ensure that the frame is in good condition and not damaged, as damaged frames can symbolise negative energy.

Choose the Right Colours: Vastu emphasises the importance of colours. Select colours that align with the principles of Vastu. For instance, light and soothing colours are often preferred to create a calm and cheerful atmosphere.

Choose the Right Size: The size of the painting should be proportional to the wall or the room. An oversized painting can overwhelm a small room, while a tiny painting may get lost in a spacious area. Balance is key to harmonising the space.

Good Luck Painting Selection for Each Vastu Direction

Vastu Painting Direction Vastu Painting for East Wall Vastu Painting for West Wall Vastu Painting for North Wall Vastu Painting for South Wall
Considerations East is associated with sunrise and new beginnings. Choose paintings with rising sun or water elements. The West represents stability and support. Opt for paintings that depict strength and grounding elements like mountains or sturdy trees. North signifies wealth and career. Paintings of flowing rivers, lush greenery, or symbols of abundance are ideal. The South symbolises energy and passion. Select artworks with vibrant colours, fiery motifs, or images of success.
Benefits Enhances positive energy, fosters new opportunities and a sense of hope. Promotes stability, a sense of security, and strength. Attracts prosperity, abundance, and career growth. Ignites passion, motivation, and success in endeavours.
Caution Avoid paintings with a setting sun, as it can signify decline. Stay clear of overly dark or depressing artwork that may counteract stability. Don’t choose paintings that evoke sadness or represent stagnation. Steer clear of chaotic or overly aggressive imagery that disrupts harmony.

Vastu Tips for Good Luck Paintings in Different Rooms

Place Vastu Painting Tips
Vastu Painting For Entrance Place an artwork with a pleasant and inviting theme, like a beautiful landscape, to welcome positive energy and guests. Avoid images of war, violence, or negative emotions.
Vastu Painting For Bedroom Hang paintings with soothing and romantic themes, such as pairs of birds or flowers, to encourage love and harmony. Avoid solitary or depressing images.
Vastu Painting For Living Room Opt for artworks representing joy, nature, and family gatherings to promote positivity. Avoid negative or cluttered scenes.
Vastu Painting For Office/Study Room Hang paintings related to success, knowledge, and inspiration. Abstract or nature-themed art can enhance focus and creativity. Avoid distracting or uninspiring artwork.
Vastu Painting For Child’s Bedroom Choose colourful and lively paintings with educational or inspirational themes. Avoid scary or aggressive imagery.
Vastu Painting For Kitchen Pick paintings of fresh produce, healthy food, or nature to encourage well-being. Avoid images of decaying or spoiled food.

Suitable Vastu Colours for The Good Luck Paintings

There are few colours, when incorporated into Good Luck Paintings, can harmonise your living space with Vastu principles. Certainly, here are few Vastu colours for Good Luck Paintings:

Blue: Blue represents calmness and communication. It’s ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, as it promotes calmness and positive interactions. Paintings with blue hues can create a calm atmosphere.

Red: Red symbolises energy and passion. It’s suitable for the south wall or areas where you want to boost motivation. Paintings featuring red can ignite enthusiasm and vitality.

Yellow: Yellow signifies optimism and happiness. It’s perfect for the kitchen or areas associated with family gatherings. Paintings with yellow tones can bring joy and warmth.

Orange: Orange represents creativity and social connections. It’s great for the study or living room, fostering inspiration and social engagement. Paintings featuring orange colour can enhance positivity and creativity.

Benefits of Keeping Vastu Good Luck Paintings at Home

Positive Energy: Good Luck Paintings attract positive energy, creating a harmonious atmosphere in your living space.

Health and Well-Being: These paintings promote good health and well-being by enhancing positive energy flow.

Prosperity: They are believed to attract financial stability and prosperity, making your home a hub of abundance.

Family Harmony: Good Luck Paintings can foster unity and peaceful coexistence in your home.

Aesthetic Appeal: They enhance the overall aesthetics of your home, making it more appealing and inviting.

Stress Reduction: These paintings can reduce stress and create a calming environment, especially in high-traffic areas.

Spiritual Connection: Good Luck Paintings encourage a spiritual connection with the environment, enhancing mindfulness and stillness.

Positive Vibes: They infuse your home with positive vibes, promoting well-being and contentment.

Personal Growth: These paintings are believed to contribute to personal growth and success, both professionally and personally.

Harmonious Relationships: They can improve relationships with family members and friends by creating a positive and peaceful ambience in your home.

Paintings to Avoid In Home as per Vastu

Paintings in the Wrong Direction: Don’t hang paintings in places that Vastu considers unlucky, like the south or southwest. This can disrupt the positive vibes in your home.

Sad and Dull Paintings: Avoid artwork showing sadness, violence, or negative feelings. Such paintings can bring bad energy into your home.

Confusing Paintings or Art: Paintings with messy or confusing pictures can make your home feel chaotic. Choose art that brings clarity and calm.

Overloading the Wall with Paintings: Don’t put too many paintings on your walls. It can make your space feel crowded and disrupt the positive energy flow. Aim for a balanced and peaceful display.

Few Tips to Keep Your Paintings in Tip-Top Condition

Proper Cleaning:

  • Dust your paintings regularly with a soft, dry cloth.
  • For deeper cleaning, consult a professional to avoid any damage.

Humidity Control:

  • Maintain consistent humidity levels to prevent mould or warping.
  • Use a dehumidifier in damp areas to protect your artwork.

Appropriate Lighting:

  • Avoid direct sunlight on your paintings to prevent fading.
  • Use UV-protective glass or acrylic for framing.

Secure Hanging:

  • Ensure secure hanging to prevent accidental falls.
  • Use appropriate hooks and wires for different painting sizes.


  • Rotate your paintings occasionally to equalise exposure to light and air.
  • This prevents one side from ageing faster than the other.

Professional Restoration:

  • Consult a professional conservator for restoration when needed.
  • Never attempt restoration on your own, as it can lead to irreversible damage.


This comprehensive guide to Vastu for Good Luck Paintings covers all the essential aspects to help you enhance your home’s positivity and harmony. By understanding the significance of these paintings and their placement, you can create a space that not only looks beautiful but also attracts good fortune, peace, and prosperity.

Good Luck Paintings in Vastu: These paintings bring positivity, happiness, and luck to your home, following Vastu principles. Choosing the right art and placing it correctly can make your home even more inviting.

Importance and Significance: Good Luck Paintings play a crucial role in Vastu Shastra. They channel positive energies, attract good fortune, and enhance your home’s overall energy.

Types and Vastu Tips: Different paintings, like those of a running horse, Buddha, or a couple, have specific Vastu recommendations for placement. Ensure they are placed in the right direction for maximum impact.

Vastu Colours for Paintings: Colours like blue, red, yellow, and orange can harmonise your living space according to Vastu principles.

Benefits of Good Luck Paintings: These artworks enhance positive energy, health, prosperity, and family harmony while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Paintings to Avoid: It’s best to avoid paintings facing certain directions, sad or confusing art, or overloading your walls with too many paintings.

Tips for Maintenance: Proper cleaning, humidity control, suitable lighting, secure hanging, rotation, and professional restoration are key to keeping your paintings in excellent condition.


Why do people keep Good Luck Paintings at home?

People keep Good Luck Paintings at home to attract positive energy and enhance the ambiance. These artworks are believed to bring good fortune and happiness.

What is the importance of keeping a Vastu Good Luck Painting at home?

The importance of Vastu Good Luck Paintings lies in their ability to channel positive energies, creating a harmonious living space that attracts prosperity and peace.

What is the significance of a Vastu Good Luck Painting?

A Vastu Good Luck Painting holds significance as it symbolises positivity, balance, and serenity. It’s meant to bring good vibes and enhance the home’s energy.

Does a Good Luck Painting really bring good luck?

Good Luck Paintings can indeed bring good luck by fostering positive energy and a sense of well-being in your home.

What are the types of Good Luck Paintings?

Types of Good Luck Paintings include those featuring running horses, peaceful Buddhas, couples, butterflies, peacocks, and more.

What are the Vastu tips for Good Luck Paintings for home?

Vastu tips for Good Luck Paintings include placing paintings of running horses in the North for career advancement and positioning peaceful Buddha paintings in the East for enlightenment.

Where should we keep a Good Luck Painting at home as per Vastu?

As per Vastu, the right place for a Good Luck Painting varies based on the painting’s theme. In the living room, hang them in the North, East, or North-East for positive interactions.

Can we keep a Good Luck Painting at the entrance?

Yes, you can keep a Good Luck Painting at the entrance, facing East or North to invite positivity into your home.

Can we keep a Good Luck Painting in the bedroom?

You can place a Good Luck Painting in the bedroom, particularly in the South-West to enhance love and harmony between couples.

What is the right direction to keep Good Luck Paintings as per Vastu?

The right direction to keep Good Luck Paintings, as per Vastu, depends on the theme of the painting. For example, a rising sun is ideal in the East.

Which colours are best for a Good Luck Painting?

Colours like blue, red, yellow, and orange are best for Good Luck Paintings as they align with Vastu principles.

What are the placement tips for Good Luck Painting as per Vastu?

Placement tips for Good Luck Paintings include selecting artwork that resonates with positivity and placing them facing the right direction as per Vastu guidelines.

What are the benefits of keeping a Good Luck Painting at home?

Benefits of keeping a Good Luck Painting at home include enhanced positive energy, prosperity, and family harmony, along with improved aesthetics and reduced stress.

What things should we keep in mind before placing a Good Luck Painting at home?

When placing Good Luck Paintings, consider room function, energy balance, and the theme of the artwork. Avoid unlucky directions and paintings with negative themes.

Which places should we avoid to keep the Good Luck Paintings?

Avoid placing Good Luck Paintings in the south, southwest, or bathroom, as these areas may disrupt the natural flow of positive energies.