A Peek Into Govinda’s Luxurious Abodes

A Peek Into Govinda’s Luxurious Abodes

Govinda, born Govind Arun Ahuja, is an iconic Indian film actor, comedian, and politician renowned for his freestyle dance skills. With over 165 Hindi films, he gained fame through lead roles in hit comedies like Aankhen, Raja Babu, and Coolie No. 1. Notable for dual roles in movies like Jaan Se Pyaara and Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, Govinda faced box-office challenges in the 2000s but saw later successes with Bhagam Bhag and Partner.

Serving in the Parliament from 2004 to 2009, he comes from a family rooted in Bollywood. He tied the knot to Sunita in 1987 and has two children, Tina and Yashvardhan.

Govinda’s Prime Residence: Jal Darshan by the Juhu Beach

Govinda’s primary residence, a magnificent two-storeyed mansion named Jal Darshan, graces the shores of Juhu Beach, located on Gandhi Gram Road near Ruhiya Park in Mumbai. Priced at approximately Rs. 16 Crore, according to India Times. This luxurious abode offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea, making it a picturesque haven. The house reflects Govinda’s vibrant personality through its steel and metallic accents, harmonising with the actor’s lively on-screen persona.

Govinda’s Spiritual Haven: The Pooja Room

Despite his on-screen persona, Govinda’s spiritual side shines through in his home. The mansion features a dedicated pooja room adorned with a sizable statue of Lord Ganesha. Here, prayer meetings and other spiritual practices take place, showcasing Govinda’s reverence for spirituality.

The Heart of the Home: Drawing Room and Kitchen

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The drawing room, adorned with luxurious furnishings, including an exquisite divan with an expensive wooden framework, sets the tone for grandeur. The expansive space, fittingly situated at the entrance of the mansion, serves as the perfect venue for Govinda’s gatherings. The modular kitchen, centrally located, is a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Scenic Splendor: The View from Govinda’s House

Situated in the upscale locale of Juhu, Govinda’s house offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. The cool sea breeze permeates the interiors, creating a refreshing ambience. The terrace provides an elevated vantage point to marvel at the grandeur of Mumbai city.

Artistic Ambience: Govinda’s Home Decor

Govinda’s house doubles as an art gallery adorned with extravagantly designed furniture, electronics, and an impressive collection of artworks. The walls showcase paintings, pictures, and sculptures, creating a visual feast. Family photographs and awards earned by the veteran actor add a personal touch to the ambience.

A Room of Splendour: Govinda’s Accessories Space

Beyond a mere storage unit, Govinda boasts a dedicated room for his accessories. Housing everything from clothes to shoes, expensive watches, and ties, this room serves as a sanctuary for Govinda’s valuable possessions.

Peaceful Retreat: The Bedrooms

The calm and comfortable bedrooms, spread across both floors, offer a serene retreat. Separate quarters are allocated for children, guests, and house help, all furnished with top-quality woodwork and attached balconies for enjoying the scenic surroundings. Wall art and beautiful photographs are visible in all house bedrooms.

Beyond Juhu: Govinda’s Real Estate Portfolio

Properties in Madh Island and Ruia Park

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Govinda, the Bollywood star, has a keen interest in real estate, owning two properties in Mumbai’s upscale locations – Madh Island and Ruia Park. These areas are known for their opulence, presenting lucrative opportunities for those interested in real estate investments.

House in Kolkata

Govinda also owns a house in Kolkata, West Bengal. While shooting a reality show, he spent considerable time in his Kolkata residence, situated in the Rowland Row area. This location adds to the charm of his real estate portfolio, reflecting his taste for luxurious living.

Stunning Farmhouse in Lucknow

Additionally, Govinda possesses a magnificent farmhouse in Lucknow, spanning across an expansive 90,000 square yards. Nestled in the Rani Khera Village of Mohanlalganj Block, this property serves as a serene retreat from the bustling city life of Mumbai. It is surrounded by lush greenery and is an ideal vacation spot for Govinda and his family.