Effective Southeast Corner Vastu Remedies

Effective Southeast Corner Vastu Remedies

Any Vastu dosh in the South East Corner can cause health issues (especially for women), financial difficulties, and marital problems. Here is a list of effective southeast corner Vastu remedies.

South East is the “Fire” element direction in Vastu shastra.

Now, because this is the location of the fire element, it controls or rules the fire or zest of humans for good earning, health (particularly for women), physical power, and relationships (love and marriage).

Also, because it is the fire element’s direction, this house or apartment corner is ideal for creating a kitchen.

Let’s get in-depth and look at some of the southeast corner Vastu remedies that reduce the frightful effects of Vastu dosh.

Remedy 1: When your entrance faces southeast

Your home’s entrance should always be in the northeast or eastern direction; having it in the southeast is the worst-case scenario. However, if this is the case, adding three Vastu pyramids to the entrance door mitigates the adverse effect.

Remedy 2: Another alternative for you

The incorrect appearance of your home is a leading cause of misfortune and illness among your family members. Add an Om, Trisula, and Swastika integrated into one to your front door. To some extent, this trinity will keep evil energy out of your home.

Remedy 3: For your southeast corner toilet

The Vastu pyramid is a handy item for resolving southeast corner Vastu-related issues. If your bathroom is in the southeast corner of your house, it will drain your wealth and prevent success from entering your life. A Vastu pyramid in your bathroom will significantly assist you in balancing the energies in your home.

Remedy 4: Reposition your bed from the corner

Vastu says the ideal bedroom is in the home’s southwest corner. Putting it in the southeast is unlucky. Move the bed from the southeast to the southwest corner to fix this. Allow enough space between the wall and the bed for air to circulate.

Remedy 5: Use dark colours to paint the corners

Vastu dosh in your home can cause poverty, imbalance in your professional and personal life, health problems, etc. Vastu remedies for the southeast corner suggest that painting the southeast corner walls in dark colours such as red will be highly beneficial in restoring the family’s lost stability.

Remedy 6: Attract more prosperity

You can use Vastu remedies to attract more peace and prosperity even if your Vastu is balanced and built according to principles. If you keep a Vastu Kalash in your home’s southeast corner, it will fill your life with more abundance in wealth, happiness, and peace among your family members.

Remedy 7: Become a Lord Hanuman deity

Lord Hanuman is one of Hindu mythology’s most powerful gods. Worshipping Lord Hanuman can help you solve many problems in your life. To mitigate the negative effects of your southeast corner Vastu location, become a deity of Lord Hanuman and allow him to protect you. You can also keep a Lord Hanuman idol in your home or office.

Remedy 8: For the directional cuts

According to the Vastu Shastra, a cut in any house corner is considered a Vastu dosha. A Vastu Siddha Shukra yantra will significantly assist in repairing the cut in your home’s southeast corner. It will reduce the adverse effects that enter your home and protect it from adversity.

Remedy 9: Sea salt and crystals are beneficial

Sea salts and crystals can significantly reduce your Vastu effects. Use this remedy for your bedroom in the southeast direction, which cannot be relocated. Place a bowl of sea salt or camphor crystals in the corner facing northeast.

Remedy 10: Place crystal lotus in the southeast corner

Your Vastu dosh caused by the southeastern corner of your home can get mitigated by incorporating remedies that balance the energies. The crystal lotus is one remedy to neutralise your Vastu’s energy fields and invite positivity.

Remedy 11: Install the corner stabiliser

It is not unlucky to have your drawing room or dining room in the southeast corner of your home. However, adding a remedy is still advised. It will solve multiple of your problems if you install your AC stabiliser on the southeast corner wall.

Remedy 12: Break or remove cupboards

There should be no cupboards on your home’s southeastern corner wall. If you have an almirah there, move it to the other side. And if you have a cupboard on the wall, break it or move it to the southwestern part of your room as a remedy.

Remedy 13: Install a mirror on the opposite wall

The importance of a mirror in Vastu shastra is enormous. Placing a mirror in the proper direction can be highly beneficial to the inmates at the facility. If your home’s southeast corner is disputed, install a mirror on the southwest wall to reflect from where the negative energy is coming.

Remedy 14: Pay attention to colour selections

The colour combination of the southeast walls is a powerful tool for correcting your home’s Vastu doshas. Consult a Vastu shastra pandit for advice on which colour is best for your home.

Remedy 15: Hang a copper sun on the wall

Because the southeast corner is the location of God’s fire, having a Vastu item that represents fire is an effective remedy for overcoming all hazards caused by Vastu doshas. Install a copper-made sun on the southeast corner wall.

Vastu defects in the southeast corner

Here is a list of southeast corner Vastu flaws to be aware of when building your home:

Health concerns:

Heart disease, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. are some health issues caused by southeast corner Vastu dosh.

Financial concerns:

Financial difficulties include:

  • Business losses
  • Personal money losses through various means
  • Difficulty finding a new job

Social concerns:

Constant fights and frustration in the family and misunderstandings in a couple may lead to divorce, extramarital affairs, legal issues, court cases, police cases, difficulties finding a suitable marriage match, etc.

These are some of the most common problems that people who live in a house with a southeast Vastu defect may encounter. So, following the above tips is critical for living a healthy and peaceful life and removing Vastu doshas from your home.

Vastu guidelines for a couple’s bedroom

  • In a couple’s bedroom, there should be no mirror in front or side of the bed.
  • It is considered lucky to keep fresh flowers in a couple’s bedroom. They represent love, and their fragrance keeps the relationship fresh.
  • A couple’s bedroom should not have any disturbing or suggestive images.
  • To promote better communication, a couple’s bedroom should be decorated in light and bright colours.
  • The bedroom should not be located in the southeast corner because it may cause frequent conflicts.
  • The northwest direction of the bedroom is ideal for newly married couples, whereas the southwest direction is ideal for the bedrooms of elderly couples.
  • Avoid designing the bedroom in the northeast direction because this direction is best suited for the worship room. Building a bedroom in this direction can negatively impact a couple’s married life.

Vastu-approved decorative items that bring positivity and luck


Plants intend to create a relaxing and soothing environment. Furthermore, they affect the well-being of the residents of a home.


Paintings in soft colours of beautiful scenery or landscapes intend to create a balanced aura in the home. Choose those with a sunrise, flowers, birds, or a waterfall over those with devastation, war, or sadness.


Mirrors are thought to be auspicious and beneficial for home decor. For best results, place them 4-5 feet above the ground.


Soft lighting is essential for creating an aura of peace and positivity. You can add lamps and candles to your regular light fixtures to create a stimulating atmosphere.

Water feature:

Water features are considered auspicious and aid in the flow of good energy.

To conclude:

After understanding all of the Vastu doshas (defects) of a home’s South East corner, you would now be able to recognise any Vastu dosha in the South East direction and provide an effective remedy for that defect.

It is important to note that southeast corner Vastu remedies can reduce the effect of the doshas but cannot eliminate them. However, the Vastu remedies for the southeast corner are the most effective in resolving your issue.

Follow the remedies mentioned in this article to remove the southeast corner Vastu dosh and see your life change.

FAQs about southeast corner Vastu

According to Vastu, which item should be kept in the home's southeast corner?

To mitigate the negative effects of the southeast corner, keep a Vastu pyramid at the entrance to a gate.

What should be kept in the living room's southeast corner?

The best thing to put in the southeast corner is a television.

What are the Vastu remedies for the southeast corner to attract prosperity?

Maintaining a Vastu Kalash in the southeast corner will increase wealth, harmony, and happiness.

Is it possible to design a bedroom in the southeast corner?

No. Sleeping with your head turned to the southeast can lead to health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. As a result, designing a bedroom in this manner should be avoided.

Is a house in the southeast corner a good investment?

No. A house facing southeast is considered to have a Vastu flaw and can cause stress in the home.

Is it possible to build a home temple in the southeast corner?

Home temples should not be built in the south, southeast, or southwest zones. Set up your temple so that God’s face is to the west and the worshipper’s face is to the east.