Effective Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

Effective Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

Here are some Vastu Shastra guidelines for remodelling or constructing a bathroom or toilet in your home.

Most families put a lot of energy and struggle into designing and remodelling their living space. The purpose is that the living room is the space your guests see and needs to be presentable.

However, homeowners must give proportional significance to each room, as they can shape each space to radiate positive energy. Bathrooms and toilets are usually overlooked rooms. According to the guidelines of Vastu for bathroom and toilet, they can become sources of negative energy if not placed in the right direction. You need to consider bathroom and toilet design to confirm that it helps develop an overall favourable environment at home for all family members.

Why bathrooms and toilets should be Vastu compliant?

Most Indian households prefer Vastu-compliant homes as they believe it will secure optimistic energy in the home. Even those not too strict about following Vastu Shastra consent that selling a house in the secondary market can be easier if it is Vastu-compliant and free of doshas.

Vastu shastra has rules and guidelines for every room in your house – direction of rooms, colours used for the room, ways to rectify any defects etc.

Vastu remedies for bathrooms in North East

Designing a bathroom in the North or northeast part of the house labours against the principles of Vastu for bathroom and toilet and leads to the flow of negative energies. Place the northeast yantra on the northeast side of the house. You can light camphor or scented candles inside the bathroom to remove negative energies caused by the bathroom on the north side.

The bathroom door should always remain closed. You can keep houseplants like money or spiders that absorb negativity. Sea salt also soaks negativity, and a bowl of it should get positioned in the bathroom. Make sure to change the salt every week. Finally, keep the bathroom in the northeast always tidy and neat.

Vastu remedies for bathrooms in the North

Bathrooms built in the North can bring negative effects in terms of health problems. One of the Vastu remedies for such designs is to shift the pit to the northwest and paint the walls black. Putting white flowers in a metal vase facing north can also help eradicate the negative consequences.

According to the Vastu for bathroom and toilet rules for a North facing house, South, South West or West North, West are appropriate places to design bathrooms. The east-southeast direction helps eradicate physical and psychological negative energies.

Vastu remedies for bathrooms in the South

Building a bathroom per Vastu for bathroom and toilet in the proper South can lead to loss of fame per Vastu guidelines. Changing the bathroom placement, according to Vastu, between the South and South West directions is one of the remedies for this Vastu dosha.

Be sure you choose the correct colour scheme for the bathroom and toilet; according to Vastu, if the bathroom zone is balanced in the southern direction, bet on light shades of red, orange, pink, purple and violet. If the corner is elongated, go for neutral hues.

Vastu remedies for bathrooms in the South West

If the bathroom is in South West, you can follow these Vastu remedies:

  • Put the Vastu pyramid on the outside of the southwest wall of the toilet.
  • It is best if you keep the toilet or bathroom doors closed.
  • Ensure that the bathroom in the southwest direction has no metal accessories.
  • Put the exhaust fan in the northeast or east direction.
  • Put three or nine lead helices on the outside wall of the bathroom. Just put three wooden pyramid partitions outside the bathroom door frame.

Alternatively, you can keep the salt in a bronze bowl, which should be replaced weekly. In this direction, pigments proposed in Vastu for toilets and bathrooms include light shades like yellow and beige.

Vastu remedies for bathrooms in the South East

According to Vastu, placing a bathroom facing south in the direction of fire can have negative effects, and it is better to avoid such bathrooms. To remove the negative impact of a southeast bathroom or toilet, place the Vastu pyramid on the South and east side of the walls from the outside.

You can also keep the Vastu salt in a copper bowl, which needs to be changed weekly. For an elongated southeast corner toilet, go for lighter shades like yellow, cream or neutral tints.

Vastu remedies for bathrooms in the East

Always be careful that the toilet/bathroom in your house is not facing east. This kind of design can cause problems for your family, particularly regarding the eldest child. Therefore, according to Vastu for bathroom and toilet, it is essential to choose the best direction for the bathroom. If you can’t dodge it, try using bamboo on the ceiling of such a place to help relieve the ill effects.

It is always more suitable to prevent constructing a toilet in the east direction. However, for homes with a bathroom and toilet in the East, Vastu remedies may include adjusting the colour scheme. Use light loamy tints of brown and green.


A bathroom toilet that is not Vastu compliant can give you financial problems or loss of property or even health concerns for family members, stress or even minor accidents. Some people point out that the bedroom and attached bathroom can become a source of negative energy.

However, you can rectify this difficulty by heeding Vastu for bathroom and toilet guidelines. It is not appropriate to leave such a frequented area overlooked. So, according to Vastu, the bathroom and toilet’s accurate direction should be used when the house’s construction. It would be best if you dodged constructing a bathroom in the middle of the house. Understanding Vastu bathroom guidelines is essential to promote positive energy.


According to Vastu, where should the bathroom be?

The bathroom or toilet in the house must be in the North or northwest part.

According to Vastu shastra, what should be the colour of the bathroom?

Prevent using dark colours in the bathroom. Light colours like beige and cream are outstanding for a bathroom, according to Vastu Shastra.

According to Vastu, what colour should the buckets be in the bathroom?

According to Vastu, keeping a blue bucket in the bathroom fetches good luck. Also, have a bucket full of water.