How To Remove Vastu Dosh From Home?

How to Remove Vastu Dosh from Home

Vastu dosh is dangerous for your house, health and financial issues. To remove such dosh, you should follow some protective measures. Let’s find out more.

Vastu dosh is a deficiency in the attributes of the eight directions. Originating from the Panch-Maha-Bhutas, these directions have distinct qualities according to classification. A building can have major or minor defects based on the direction in which they occur.

Vastu dosh solution is necessary to prevent the negative effects of these defects, which encompass bad relationships among family members, family disputes, financial troubles, accidents and misbehaviour among children. Most of the proposed modifications are structural, neither worthwhile nor budgetary. However, specific elements are known to heal the Vastu dosh when positioned in the home. If you are wondering how to remove Vastu dosh from home, this article will guide you through it.

Primary indications that you are undergoing Vastu dosh

In Hinduism, Vastu is the exercise of creating a living space according to its surroundings. It comprises the building’s orientation according to Vastu Shashtra principles and its placement according to the Vastu Purusha Mandala. The purpose of Vastu is to create positive energy conditions for the structure and its residents.

Vastu Shashtra is an ancient document that details the principles of architecture in India. Some great Indian architects wrote it and contributed their knowledge regarding the development of Indian architecture.

It includes drawings and explanations of structural components such as columns, beams and columns, roofs, etc., as well as architectural arrangements such as doors, windows and other openings. The basic idea of ​​Vastu Shashtra is that every building should be built according to the natural laws of nature to remain strong and long-lasting, thus creating a healthy living space for the people inside.

Vasu Dosha is a substantial part of the Vastu rules. In Hinduism, people believe that three main signs imply that a person has been affected by Vasu Dosha; which are:

  1. A person begins to feel uneasy in his home or office
  2. People around him start to feel uneasy in his house or office
  3. One starts having health problems like headaches, back pain and breathing problems

Vastu dosh remedies

Here are some of the most prevalent Vastu dosh remedies to help prevent negative energies from disrupting your life.

Placing mirrors in the home

Placing mirrors to eliminate Vastu dosh is an ancient trick still practised today. Remember that mirrors must be placed in the right direction to increase the flow of positivity in the home. Make sure you don’t put the mirror opposite the main door. In addition, the mirror in the bedroom must not reflect the bed.

Placing sea salt in corners

Keeping sea salt in the home is one of the decent Vastu dosh remedies. The trick is to utilise uncrushed sea salt and place them in the corners of the house while the salt absorbs all the negative energy in the area. Another method to use sea salt is to add it to your floor cleaning water. For calm surroundings at home, ensure that the salt is changed every other day.

Pyramids used as Vastu dosh nivaran

Pyramids like Vastu dosh nivaran yantra are a popular answer today that you should also follow. Miniature pyramids are made up of metal, stone, cardboard or glass.

You should consult a Vastu expert for advice on the placement of pyramids. According to popular opinion, keeping a pyramid yantra at the entry of your home helps keep negative oscillations at bay.

Carillons or wind chimes

Wind chimes are in every home, especially as a decorative items. Many people use chimes for their appearance and appeal, but some use them to govern their homes’ energies. Wind chimes are a sampurna Vastu dosh nivaran yantra with 6 to 8 hollow poles at the entry point of the house. This trick will help you increase positive energy. The rods and shape of bells are determined based on Vastu dosh.

Camphor crystals for eradicating negative energies

Camphor crystal is an effective Vastu dosh nivaran yantra that can effortlessly help eliminate negative energies in the home. If you have observed that your life is not acting according to your plan or you are stuck at work, it is good to have camphor balls at home as it will help you keep the negative energy away and make sure things work out your way. Replace the balls when they shrink and notice the difference in the vibration of the house.

Crystal balls for amplifying positive energies

Crystal balls are a more attractive alternative to pyramids. These balls are made of quartz and have an attractive tone that enhances the appearance of the place where they are stored. They are known to amplify a specific intention, energy or thought. Be sure to keep these crystals clean as they absorb diverse energies. The colour of the crystal ball also symbolises its various benefits. For example, pink is good for relationships, red for luck, orange for money, etc.

Colours change home energies

Colours have always been an essential factor in changing the energies in the home, and according to Vastu Shastra, colours bring positive vibrations into the home. Various colours are crucial in different rooms of the house. For example, green, pink and blue is ideal for the main bedroom and living room, whereas yellow and orange colours are perfect for a children’s room. So, if you are facing Vastu dosh in your house, you should switch the colour of your walls.

Family photos bring positivity

Home is where family is. A well-knit family can promote positive vibes in the home. You can nurture this by hanging family photos in the house, as it improves family relationships.

Horseshoe for luck and wealth

Horseshoe is a renowned Vastu dosh yantra that entices wealth and luck. The trick is placing the horseshoe with the open ends facing up, which helps to catch the positive energy that passes around. Therefore, it is ideal for placing a horseshoe by the front door. As a precaution, the house residents must not hold the horseshoe upside down, as this would drain energy from the house.

Illuminated main door inflows positive energy

Vastu Shastra forbids having dark corners at home. While your entire house must be well-lit, you must pay special attention to the main entrance of your home, and it will ensure the inflow of positive energy into your home. So let the divinity flow into your home with this remedy of Vastu dosh nivaran.

Aquarium for affecting vibrations

According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, aquariums and fish positively affect the vibrations at home. So aquarium is an effective Vastu dosh yantra. Always keep an aquarium in the northeast part of your living room.

Remove broken clocks and mirrors

Getting rid of any broken clock, mirror or pot in your home is important as they are said to bring bad luck. To avoid health or financial difficulties, replace broken mirrors and clocks with working ones.

The correct direction of the swimming pool

The swimming pool’s direction in your apartment or house should not be south, west or southwest, while it must be in the East or North direction as it is favourable for positioning a swimming pool as per Vastu. Remember that water elements must always be placed in the right direction so as not to draw negativity.

The picture on the front wall

According to Vastu Shastra, the first wall of your house must have a picture of the deity/God you believe in. This wall may be the one opposite the main door. Leaving a blank wall can lead to financial hardships in the home.

Eradicate old pots

According to the principles of Vastu, objects made of clay can get replaced from time to time. So it is crucial to get rid of old pots in your home. Also, you should never use old clay pots again and again in a modern home.


One thing in this world that brings the connection between man and nature is Vastu Shastra. With biological elements, there may be chances of some defects or deficiencies called Vastu Dosh. To deal with such Vastu Dosh, people must follow some Vastu tips which can assist in their life to make them more successful. Now, after we know how to remove Vastu dosh from home, we understand the elements of Vastu shastra and their importance. Vastu Dosh can cause ill health and even mental stress; therefore, you should take the necessary steps and do Vastu dosh nivaran and create a positive environment.


How to avoid Vastu dosh at home?

Vastu dosh nivaran can get avoided by placing the furniture and puja rooms in the right direction, using suitable colours and cooking in the right direction.

How to remove Vastu dosh from home?

You can take sea salts, mirrors, camphor crystals, pyramids, carillons, crystal balls, fish tanks and other remedies as the Vastu dosh nivaran mantra.

What causes Vastu dosh?

Vastu dosh is caused by cutting or lengthening in any four directions. Different health problems are also related to the dosha in Vastu.

What are the problems related to Vastu?

Vastu dosh can lead to heart attack, brain haemorrhage, paralytic seizures etc. It can also lead to illness in children, and a pregnant woman can also lose a child.

Does Vastu affect your life?

Vastu is not crucial for life but helps lead a healthier life. Therefore, you should try to eliminate Vastu dosh from your house.