A Peek into Greek God Hrithik Roshan’s Incredible House

A Peek Into Greek God Hrithik Roshan’s Incredible House

An artist in Hindi cinema, Hrithik Roshan has adeptly brought diverse characters to life, gaining recognition for his exceptional dancing abilities. As one of India’s top-earning actors, he stands out as a versatile talent in the film industry.

The “Greek God of India,” Hrithik Roshan’s house in Mumbai, is a nautical paradise. Infused with design elements inspired by his affection for the ocean.

Hrithik Roshan’s Current Residence: Oceanfront Mansion

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Hrithik Roshan’s current residence is an oceanfront mansion in Juhu. He has lived here on rent since June 2020 amid the lockdown. With a monthly rent of around Rs 8.25 lakh, the sea-facing abode offers breathtaking views.

Living Room

The living area features a beautiful view of the sea and sunset. Roshan shared glimpses of his quarantine life, showcasing activities like chess with his kids, piano learning, and leisurely reading.

The living room features comforting sofas complemented by a Roche Bobois and cushioned chairs by SIMONE. The carpet from Jaipur Rugs and the white centre table add more to the aesthetics.

The Den Zone

The den zone connects the living room and features low-seated ivory couches and a foosball counter. The whitewashed brick wall with life-size graffiti by Daku is perfect for watching movies. Furthermore, the comfy green chair and inspirational quotes all over the wall work as a motivation. However, an English telephone booth and a giant chocolate vending machine take us back in time.

Personalised Aesthetics

The actor has personalised his rented space, incorporating movable furniture to experiment with the layout. Unlike typical homes, Roshan opted for plain-coloured walls, avoiding textures to maintain a cohesive design. The interior reflects his love for the ocean, with furnishings and accessories personally selected during his explorations in Dubai and Mauritius.

Balcony Retreat

Connected to the living room, the balcony is a calming retreat with a separate sitting area and a Dedon hanging lounger. Rich hardwood panels enhance the warm ambience on the floor. Notably, a black telescope provides stunning views of the Arabian Sea. The actor’s attention to detail and hands-on approach in curating his living space reflects his charming personal style.

The Office Zone

The home office includes bound scripts and tomes on moviemaking. White colour dominates the space with tints of blue and green– a specific shade of ‘Santorini-inspired theme.’ The space also works to provide a better sea view.

The Dining Area

The dining area is enriched with a foldable dining table and sleek wooden chairs featuring beautiful fabric on the seats. The wooden work, wall art, a white lamp make the area more captivating for the family to eat together.

Kid’s Room

The vibrant kids’ room is designed to meet all their needs. From playful elements, an electric blue bean bag, and a bright red leather armchair to glass windows, everything works together to make every moment a worthwhile one.

The enlightened world map wall with a yellow ladder on top grabs attention.

The Indoor-Outdoor Corner

The den zone opens up to the outdoor space, the balcony area with a captivating view of the sea. It is enclosed and entails artificial natural green grass and low sectional couches. The neutral accents, wooden floors and lanterns add to the aesthetics.

Hrithik’s New Apartment

Sky Villa

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Hrithik Roshan’s dreamy new home isn’t just an apartment – it’s a sky villa! In October 2020, he invested approximately Rs. 100 crore to acquire two apartments in Mannat Apartments, Mumbai.

Covering the 14th, 15th, and 16th floors, the combined space is a huge 38,000 sq ft, featuring a sky terrace of about 6,500 sq ft. The purchase includes a Rs 67.5 crore duplex penthouse (27,534 sq ft) on the 15th and 16th floors and a Rs 30 crore single-storey home (11,165 sq ft) on the 14th floor. Additionally, Roshan secures ten parking spots.

Address of Mannat Apartments

Positioned as a mansion in the air, Hrithik’s new abode offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea, making it heavenly. The Mannat Apartments address is 161, Balasaheb Sawant Road, Gharkul Society, Four Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047.

Further, Hrithik plans to combine the apartments into one grand mansion. The transformation is underway with architects and designers in tow, so Hrithik has not yet moved in here.

The New Abode’s Design

Hrithik Roshan, known for his impeccable taste, has reportedly been actively involved in the design and planning process, ensuring that every detail reflects his personal style and preferences.

Though Hrithik’s new abode is still under construction, anticipation is building as fans eagerly await the completion of the Bollywood actor’s dream residence. Located in the heart of Mumbai, the state-of-the-art mansion is expected to be a masterpiece of architectural elegance and luxury.