Kitchen Vastu: Bringing Fortune and Luck

According to Vastu, constructing a home is one of India’s common beliefs, and the kitchen is the most integral part of a home. Let’s focus on Kitchen Vastu in this article and gather some tips to bring good fortune our way!

Vastu, the traditional Indian architecture system, brings luck, fortune, and financial stability to one’s place! The spatial arrangement made by aligning geometry properly to enhance every corner of the space is something everyone should consider.

The kitchen is a crucial corner of everyone’s space and a very important room for health, wealth, and happiness surrounding the family’s joy.

The kitchen usually symbolizes purity; hence, it is essential to implement remedies that can remove Vastu dosh in the kitchen and help remove all the imbalances to a great extent.

Vastu Shashtra guides all the Vastu-related inquiries for every space segmented and created with love. As per the Vastu Shashtra, Kitchen is the fire element(Agni Tatva) that symbolizes determined passion and zeal in life. The kitchen is where our food is prepared; hence, it is an area that is highly energized and reflects warmth and spark. According to Indian tradition, people build their Kitchen spaces according to Vastu, so let’s dig into it more and find out what Kitchen Vastu can bring joy and prosperity to our lives.

What is the Importance of Kitchen Vastu?

When the kitchen is in the appropriate Vastu zone, it brings warmth, wealth, prosperity, strength, money, happiness, and recognition to our lives.

As the kitchen is considered the fire element of the house, any imbalances in the fire element of the space can result in disputes in the family, accidents, and thefts. It also drains away the spark and enthusiasm of the person living in the space when it is not balanced. Hence, Kitchen Vastu is considered very important in Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Tips for Every Element of the Kitchen

Every corner and element of the kitchen space is essential, so we need to focus on every aspect when placing things into the kitchen, whether it be appliances or utensils.

Let’s see the Vastu tips for every kitchen element to bring out zeal and prosperity in our lives.

Best Direction of the Kitchen According to Vastu

A kitchen should always be placed in the correct direction to establish a perfect balance in the space. When the fire element of the space is imbalanced, it helps to enjoy a joyful and prosperous life.

According to Vastu shastra, three zones are South-East, South-South-East, and South, which are considered the best direction.

The direction of the kitchen is essential, and so is the size; also, it should be at least 80 square feet or more.

Colours of the Kitchen Walls According to Vastu

Colours have an extraordinary influence on our lives. According to the studies, colours have instant effects on the alphas’ brain waves the person. When the colour is transmitted from the eye to the brain, it releases a special hormone that affects our emotions and thoughts, so it is written in Vastu Shashtra emphasizes the importance of colours in the kitchen.

The kitchen colours should be light, like light red, baby pink, off-white, cream, etc.

Where to Place the Gas Stove in the Kitchen?

The gas stove is essential in the kitchen; it is something on which we cook our food. According to the Vastu shastra, the Gas stove should always be placed in the Southeast direction. The kitchen established in South East direction makes our faces turn in the east direction while cooking, which also affects Vastu in a very positive way.

Where to Place the Refrigerator in the Kitchen?

You can place the refrigerator in the kitchen in the southwest direction; however, it is only possible to place the refrigerator in the southwest direction when the kitchen itself is established in the southeast direction.

So, it is advised to avoid placing the refrigerator in the North-East direction of the house.

Also, along with the direction of the refrigerator, the refrigerator’s colour is equally important, and the best colour advised is light red, light pink, or maroon in the southeast direction and off-white, blue or white colour for the kitchen in the northwest direction.

Where to Place the Sink in the Kitchen?

Usually, many people need clarification regarding the placement of the wash basin in the kitchen; the fear is the sink, considered the Jal-tatva, is thought to be harmful if it is placed in the direction of fire.

For the southeast kitchen, you should establish the sink in the east-south-east direction of the house.

If that is not possible, you don’t have to worry too much, as the location of the sink does not have a proper impact on the house’s residents.

Importance of Ventilation and Windows in the Kitchen

For a kitchen, proper ventilation and windows are essential not only according to the Vastu Shastra but also from the health perspective of the residents.

Poor ventilation in the kitchen can cause major health problems for the person who cooks in the kitchen. Proper ventilation is essential for a safe and healthy kitchen environment; hence there should always be at least one normal air outlet. Also, the food’s quality and aroma increase when there is a proper arrangement of light and air in the kitchen.

For the kitchen on the eastern side, larger windows and an exhaust fan can be placed in the east, whereas, for the northern side, they can be placed in the north.

The Best Location for the Electrical Appliances

According to the Kitchen Vastu, the electrical appliances in the kitchen should be kept in the South-east or South-South-East direction.

All the kitchen electrical appliances, like Microwave ovens, Mixer-Grinders, etc., can be placed in these directions.

Importance of Storage Units Location

The storage of food grains occupies a significant area in our house. The storage for all the food grains can be arranged in the South-East or southern direction, and we should always avoid creating a store room in the northern part of the house.

South and South-East direction is considered the direction of power and confidence as per Vastu-Shastra.

Extra Kitchen Vastu Shastra Tips

  • A kitchen established in the North-East direction leads to mental stress and financial losses in the family.
  • A kitchen located in the Southeast direction disturbs the domestic harmony of the house and gives rise to disputes among residents.
  • Never store medicines in the kitchen space.
  • The kitchen walls should never be painted blue or black, as they represent darkness.
  • According to Kitchen Vastu, Kitchen should never be placed below the toilet.
  • Kitchen cleanliness should be taken as a priority as cleanliness brings more light into the lives of the residents.


Kitchen Vastu is considered a guiding principle in Indian culture to establish a kitchen space that can bring fortune, luck, love, and life into the lives of the residents.

The shastra contains a clear concept that is not even debatable from a scientist’s point of view; everything written in the Vastu shastra is logical and provides a cover of guidance to the people creating spaces.

Conclusively, the kitchen is a space that is regarded as an essential space of the house, and people experience different effects of the kitchen when it is located in different Vastu regions. Hence, Kitchen Vastu should be taken care of on a priority basis to avoid any subtle disturbances and losses within the house.


Which direction is the best to place the dining table?

Both the South and East direction are considered the best for the dining table placement per the Vastus.

Where should I place the dustbin in the kitchen?

You can keep the dustbin in the East-South-East region or West-North-West region but always avoid putting the dustbin in the Southeast direction.

Which colour is suitable for the kitchen slab?

For the kitchen walls, the ideal colours are off-white and light pink In general. Light pink, green, and light orange, all these colours can be used for the kitchen slab when the kitchen is located in the Southeast direction.

Is it important to look after the kitchen Vastu?

Absolutely yes, the kitchen is an essential part of the house. Often, people ignore the importance of the kitchen while constructing their houses, but the wrong of Kitchen Vastu leads to wrong and unorganized things in the lives of the residents.

How to remove or correct the Vastu dosh of the kitchen?

There are various remedies to remove Vastu dosh in the kitchen, but it is always advised to use Vastu remedies without proper guidance as it can lead to wrong results. So, you should always consult a Vastu expert before using any remedy.

Kitchen is considered as which element?

A kitchen is a place considered as Agni Tatva or Fire Element in the house and symbolizes to bring spark and warmth in the house.