Top 13 Vastu Gifts For Home

Top 13 Vastu Gifts for Home

The Vastu gifts are best if you want to indulge in positive energy at your home or bless your friends with them. Here’s all about Vastu gifts for the home.

Most Indian households today pursue the principles of Vastu Shastra to ascertain a positive environment. However, if you are not living in a Vastu-compliant house still do not need to worry.

It is hard to live an extraordinary life without positive forces. Instead of a complete renovation, you need a few decorative Vastu items, and you are set. Vastu items are an enormous source of positive energy in our homes. You can even gift some of the Vastu items to your friends, family and relatives. Vastu offers an ocean of abundance, and one can bump into it with a spoon, a bucket or a trailer.

What can Vastu gifts do for you?

Your space influences your feelings, emotions, professional success and level of happiness. A busy life and a successful life are two different things. If you want to fascinate luck, more prosperity, lucrative opportunities and attract the desired life partner, you must work on your personal space.

If you are experiencing some positive changes and more negative things in your life, there is something wrong where you are staying.

Harmful infrared rays are appearing from the south, and destructive gamma rays entering from the west cause disruption to the environment and our bodies. Using Vaastu Shastra principles, you can safeguard yourself from these rays. By using Vaastu Shastra, you will get many benefits without wrecking your home or office.

Positive energy Vastu gifts for the home

Here is a natural list that covers various Vastu products to gift your family and friends.

Turtle statue—Bring good luck

Vastu gifts for home like crystal or wooden turtles are an enormous way to enlarge some positivity to your area. It is because the turtle’s shell is hard and shielded. Likewise, it symbolises protection from hardship and misfortune for you and your family. You can choose between a wooden or crystal turtle for your Vastu-approved decor.

If using a crystal turtle, consider placing it in the southwest or northwest for best results. For wood turtles, the east and southeast directions support removing negativity from your space. Depending on the direction these Vastu gifts for home are placed, they can bring you luck or fame.

Peacock feathers—Broaden positive energy in the universe

If you’re a spiritual person, the probabilities are you already have a few feathers at home. The iridescent colours of the peacock’s feathers symbolise spirituality and balance.

You can complement the aura of your interior with a pop of colour to your space with iridescent peacock feathers. Plus, if you don’t schedule to utilise them as positive energy Vastu gifts for home, you can still use them to keep lizards away!

Shree Yantra/Shree Chakra

If your friend is going through a financial crisis, this Vastu gift is perfect for them. Remove all your friend’s economic woes with Shree Chakra motifs/tools in their interiors. Consider using the three chakras to invite wealth and opportunity into your home. When used in the home, this tool has excellent power associated with wealth. The location to the east is ideal for this decorative thing.

Flowers in water—Spread positivity

Get a spa-like environment with bowls filled with water and flowers at the door. It is one best Vastu gifts to recreate a spa feel at home while also doubling up as Vastu items with positive energy for home decoration. All you require is a large bowl with water sprinkled with flowers or rose petals. In addition to making your space look peaceful and tempting, it also helps entice wealth and positivity into your home.

Wind chimes—Get positive vibrations

Listen to ambient wind sounds with a wooden or metal chime to remove your friends’ and family’s stress. Apart from making the most peaceful sounds, chimes can also be used as a Vastu gift. In terms of materials, wood and metal are the most typical because of the various tones they can create. For metal bells, stick to northwest locations, while wooden bells may get placed in the east or northeast direction.

Buddha statue—Protect home

Welcoming guests to your humble abode with a classic Buddha statue at the entrance is always good. It is one of the best gifts, according to Vastu Shastra.

Buddha statues are commonly used at the entrance of homes to cheer the area with prosperity and happiness. Buddha statues are known to eradicate negative energy among the Vastu objects for gifting. Placing your Buddha statue in the east is most auspicious, so place it accordingly.

Arowana fish statue—Attract wealth

To ensure your home thrives under the protection of Arowana fish, you can also shower this blessing on your friends and family. Similar to Shree Chakra, Arowana fish is equally favourable when it comes to Vastu gifts for home, and Shree Chakra is responsible for luring wealth and fortune to your residence. As for placement, you can conserve it in the east or northeast direction to maximise its benefits.

Aquarium—Remove Vastu dosh

Reduce the stress and anxiety of everyday life with a calming aquarium for your interior. Apart from the Arowana fish statue, the aquarium can also be a perfect Vastu gift, and it has many advantages both from psychological points of view.

As Vastu items, aquariums help in removing Vastu doshas in your home. Psychologically, gifting aquariums can help facilitate a calmer environment, especially for those of us prone to anxiety.

Frogs, elephants and turtles—A powerful combination

A combination of a frog, an elephant, or a turtle is good at home and is considered a modest Vastu gift. Tortoise is not the only Vastu object that lends positive energy to your space. According to Feng Shui principles, elephant and frog sculptures combined are powerful Vastu gifts for home. Elephants symbolise courage, while frogs symbolise wealth. When combined, they form a favourable combination for success.

Gomati Chakra Tree—Enhance positivity

Go for a bonsai tree filled with tomato chakra shells in the leaves to improve Vastu. What better way to boost the prosperity of your home than to invite Goddess Lakshmi into it? You can certainly do this with the use of the tomato chakra tree. According to mythology, this ornamental tree is supposed to be where the goddess resides. Vastu gifts that comprise tomato chakra in the form of bonsai are best positioned in home offices.

Horseshoe amulet—Oust negative energy

Complete the rustic motifs with a good luck horseshoe charm on your door. One of the less conspicuous Vastu gifts is the horseshoe amulet. Although it is for good luck and fortune, it can also be used as a simple decorative object styled in different ways. If you are familiar with the evil eye concept, horseshoe amulets can be a great solution to protect against it.

Flowing bodies of water—Maintain prosperity flow

Let prosperity flow through your homes like a calm stream or fountain with this wonderful.

Flowing water can help improvise the overall Vastu of your home as it represents the flow of prosperity. Similarly, you can consider styling your space with Vastu home decor items with flowing water-like fountains.

Select Idols—Boost divine energy

If you are going for the Goddess Lakshmi statue, ensure it is in Vastu’s sitting position.

Idols of gods and goddesses like Ganesha, Hanuman and Lakshmi are suitable at home. You can use them in your pooja room or place them at the entrance to ward off bad energy.

Other decorative ones that attract positivity

  • Fetch good luck by ordering fresh flowers in your home. Pick some bright flowers and put them in the jar. Position this vase in the centre of the table.
  • Placing a small artistic lamp in the centre of the hallway will bring positivity into your life.
  • Placing statues of dogs at the entrance of your home will defend you from evil spirits.
  • Decorating your home with small waterfalls works as a good luck charm.


If you deem decorating your home, why not incorporate items that will add elegance and happiness to the abode? According to Vastu Shastra, many home decorations contribute to your peace, happiness and overall well-being. Sending and receiving these Vastu gifts for home is an incredible exchange of love and care.

One would believe that any gift provided from the heart is decent; unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are certain items that, when gifted, bring tremendous positive results to both receivers and donors. Some things should never be given as gifts because they bring negativity and awful luck to both parties involved.


What are the benefits of Vastu in Your Life?

Your life will get filled with vibrant, compelling, and vigorous things. Vastu tempts a bigger flow of healthy energy to your place. You can reduce the turbulence and other condition distracting your career approach.

Why buying a Vastu Shanti gift is a good idea?

Buying a Vastu Shanti gift is the best personal gift for your close person. It is also used for home decor, offices and restaurants, and it can be the perfect Vastu Shanti gift for your favourite person or home.

Is laughing at Buddha sitting on a chair a good Vastu gift?

Laughing Buddha sitting on chair is one of the best Vastu gifts. It looks beautiful with contemporary and good-looking composition.

Why are Vastu items crucial?

Vastu items are an excellent basis for positive energy in our houses. You can even gift some gifts to your friends, family, and relatives.

How do the frog and elephant work as a Vastu gift?

Elephant With Frog is the Vastu gift that gives you power and elegance. An elephant is an apparent symbol of strength and wealth Frog is a well-known symbol of wealth and luck.