Top Vastu Tips for Happy Home

Top Vastu Tips for Happy Home

If you want to design your house in a Vastu-compliant way, this article is for you. Let’s learn more.

Everyone loves designing their homes and getting the best interiors for every corner. But, many people are moving towards Vastu-friendly houses. Building Vastu-compliant homes is crucial given the levels of anxiety and negativity everyone faces daily. You do not have to make many changes to get in positivity.

Vastu Shastra codifies the age-old guides of Indian architecture that direct the home’s structure in an inclined manner. This science was ignored by society once humans began having the independence of choosing any material to build the house. With the help of modern tools like cement and concrete, they built living areas with careless ease to Vastu’s directions. You should be aware of some popular Vastu tips for happy home.

Why is Vastu Shastra Required?

Vastu Shastra is prominently known as the ‘Science of Architecture. In the materialistic world, the most meaningful factor is geometric embodiment. Vastu Shastra is an antique science from India which defines measurements, design principles, space layout, and spatial geometry.

Once an excellent geometrical alignment in the physiological system is achieved, the chemical design and the energy network also align with the more extensive geometry, the cosmos. Vastu Shastra is a parallel form of geometrical alignment of your residency quarters and house with the immense geometry of the cosmos. The more aligned with the cosmos the structure of your home is, the more optimistic energy flow it lures.

When we build a geometrically proportional and aligned structure and develop it using Vastu Shastra, the living room attracts a lot of positive energy. It creates the inhabitants much healthier and happier.

However, there has been a return to the architectural origins, and builders are concentrating on Vastu to ensure happy clients. These Vastu tips for happy home will help you build your dream home cheerful.

Choose the Right Direction for the Entrance

A house’s main door is its most influential part. Planning, per Vastu, brings tremendous happiness and fortune to everyone living in the home. The perfect direction for the main entrance should be in the north or east, with the gate opening inside the house.

A sterile and attractive entrance serves as a pull for positive vibes. Try and maintain your entrance glowing, well arranged and well-lit at all times. Make sure you maintain the path unambiguously and prevent keeping shoes that can intercept the way. It is supposed to draw negative vibes. A neat lobby paves the path for good vibes!

Keep Your House Uncluttered and Clean

Since cleanliness is consistently beneficial in preserving the flow of good vibrance, sparkling, spotless windows and doors entice positive energy into the house and your life. If feasible, try establishing a small water fountain near your door or window as well, and rushing water signifies the flow of vitality and prosperity.

Choose the Color of the House Wisely

The living room delivers an understanding of your lifestyle, and the correct colour technique is an essential aspect of it. According to Vastu, each room has distinct colours that entangle the positive energy. Lighter hues like white, beige, cream, floral white or light pink are the best-suited shades for a living room. Each colour signifies different positive vibes, such as purity, warmth, calmness, perfection, and beauty.

The dining area might use shades like peach, yellow, saffron, and light orange. Hover the preliminary colouring of the walls with contrasting furnishings and drapes and cushions of fierce hues like streaks of gold, turquoise, radiant pink etc.

Decide the Direction of the Pooja Room

According to Vastu Shastra, every house should have a room reserved exclusively for prayer or meditation. When building a prayer room for your home, choose east, and make sure that this space is away from the toilet. Use the east part of your house to design a positive and clean prayer room according to the Vastu tips for happy home.

Aquarium For Prosperity

The tension in our daily lives harms our health each day. Vastu shastra states that merely seeing the water and fish in the aquarium can soothe our senses automatically.

Keeping multicoloured fish will improve positivity and promote prosperity and wealth. Vastu specialists recommend that an aquarium be positioned in the living room and preferably in the North-East or Southeast corner of the space.

Place Citrus Plants Near the Main Entrance

Growing a Citrus plant near the main door can bring calm and relaxation into the house. When grown on either side of the door, it will rejuvenate your home and make your life comfortable. Plants in and around your house bring positivity.

Give Space to Balcony in the East

Apart from building a prayer room in the east, ensure that at least one balcony in your house unfurls towards the east. It is one of the most acceptable Vastu remedies, as dawn sunlight can recharge your soul and bring a lot of positivity.

Position of the Water Tank

The correct water tank arrangement is a vital component of Vastu Shastra. To detour forming a dosh, keep it in the north direction. Once positioned perfectly, the tank can complement the positivity that envelops your home. One of the essential Vastu tips for happy home is to wash the water tank frequently.

Hang Wind Chimes For Good Luck

Wind chimes are used as a sound therapy to restore the path of energy flow and terminate blockages, enhancing overall well-being. Metal wind chimes should be positioned in the West and North, while wooden ones should be in the East or South. Six or eight-rod wind chimes can be used for luck enhancement, and five-rod ones can eliminate diseases and conflicts.

Vastu Tips for Happy Home


If you’re building a new home, ensure you align all spaces’ directions per Vastu. The east direction is appropriate for constructing a kitchen and a pooja room. You can build a master bedroom in the northwest and your kid’s room in the south. You wouldn’t require any Vastu dosh treatments if you use the excellent blend of direction and colour when constructing a new home.


Please don’t put any water fountain in the bedroom as it will damage your relationship. It would be best if you did not even position a photograph of a water fountain in your bedroom. Another tip is not to colour your house in dark colours; invariably, opt for light and airy colours.

Vastu Tips to Bring Positive Energy to Your Home

Even if your home is not constructed per Vastu Shastra, you can pursue simple Vastu tips to create positive energy. Check below Vastu guidelines for tranquil energy:

  • Sleep with your head in the south for good sleep
  • Hang a wind chime near your main entrance, as it invites good vibes
  • Ensure your house is ventilated and the kitchen is uncluttered to dismiss negative energies.
  • Do not position a television in the bedroom—Position televisions and computers in your living room in the southeast.
  • Light the corners of your house to create comfortable surroundings.
  • Light fragrance sticks every evening in your house pooja room.
  • Avoid keeping the drinking water in the northeast corner of your kitchen.
  • Mirrors should not face the house’s main door as they contemplate the vibrancy entering the house.
  • Rectangular and square mirrors are optimistic for the home but do not use round and oval-shaped mirrors.


Positivity is the key to contentment; your home is the first place to infuse it. At our houses, a place where we rejuvenate and relax. But, negative energies in many states can impact your soundness, relationships, and earnings. It is necessary to become conscious and aware of explicit Vastu tips for happy home that remove bad energy from your home.

Vastu shastra is not challenging to pursue and does not need a major overhaul all the time. You can start simple measures toward a comfortable and thriving Vastu-compliant dwelling. It is an Indian Vedic approach that guarantees the built surroundings’ psychological, physical, and spiritual hierarchy.


What is the ideal direction as per Vastu for home?

Northeast is believed to be the perfect direction for the entry of a house.

What is the crucial Vastu tip for a cheerful home?

The home’s main door should face the north, east or northeast direction.

Is rock salt regarded as optimistic for the house per Vastu Shashtra?

According to Vastu for residence, keeping rock salt in a few corners of your home is supposed to remove problems from your life.

What can attract positive energy to your home?

A few things that can help entice positive energy into your house include:

  • Cleaning the home
  • Growing house plants
  • Allowing natural sunlight to enter
  • Hanging some painting
  • Using perfumes and adding some paint to the interiors

What is the best direction for sleeping per Vastu at home?

As per the Vastu Shastra, the best sleeping position is towards the south.