Vastu Colours for Bedroom to Bring Positivity

Vastu Colours for Bedroom to Bring Positivity

“Nothing assures harmony and more efficiently than crystal spheres. Place six in different sizes in the space you have deliberately defined as your own.”

Setting up a home is a creative decision one has to make, keeping up with new ideas for the rooms, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Your bedroom needs to be how you desire it to be, and it shall reflect your personality. Choosing colours that best suit your personality according to the Vastu is the best way to look forward.

Distinct colours convey different energies and imply various emotions in us. Some are bright while others are drab; some are warm while others are frigid. Some uplift your spirits, while others make you depressed and melancholy. Naturally, colours have a significant impact on how your bedroom feels, and it expresses the mood you wish to have after a long day at work when you walk into your bedroom.

The essential component for your home to be able to become a sanctuary is radiating the proper energy. According to conventional wisdom, every home has a specific energy type, so it is up to the owner to use Vastu to harness positive energy and ward off any bad energy. In this article, we’ve included several Vastu colours for bedroom, and we hope you can select the one that functions best for your house.

Why Are Vastu Colours Important?

According to Vastu, there are five main elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Sky. Different colours represent each of these hues. Earth is yellow, water is blue, the air is green, the sky is white, and Fire is red. According to Vastu, we must arrange these colours and others properly for a balanced life and good feelings. A quick and simple technique to assure pleasant vibes and positive energy in the space is to choose the proper Vastu colours for bedroom.

Our moods and behaviours get significantly influenced by colour. You’ll see that we’re all drawn to specific colours because of how they make us feel, whether consciously or unconsciously. Vastu also recognises the value of colours and the energy they bring to your home, and you must employ these colours appropriately to maintain a healthy level of energy there.

Vastu Colours For Bedroom

According to Vastu, the bedroom’s colours and the direction of the room and the bed are highly important in determining the home’s owner’s well-being, affluence, prosperity, and pleasure. They will establish the appropriate mood for the day and guide your life on the right path if you use your bedroom’s colours per Vastu.

Vastu experts remind us that in addition to picking the appropriate colour for your bedroom, you need to consider the room’s direction, area, and energy needs. Additionally, you can choose a Vastu colour for your bedroom based on where it is in your home.

Every house has its pre-existing energy, both positive and negative, but it is up to the owner to use Vastu to harness the positive energy. The right bedroom colours, according to Vastu, will influence the mood and vibe of your bedroom to some extent.

Choosing the right colours for your bedroom will help ensure that the room has the right amount of energy balance. The proper colours can also aid in recognising these feelings because colours also affect a person’s emotional, bodily, and intuition feelings.

List of Vastu Colours You Can Choose For Your Bedroom

Here is a list of colours you can choose for your bedroom based on Vastu; these will help you determine which colour determines your personality and will get you success in life.


As we know, blue is the colour of the water; this colour provides peace and tranquillity to everyone around. These primary pastel hues calm and soothe the person from the inside. Painting your wall blue can be a wise choice if you want to try to instil these qualities in your life. Blue is a tranquil colour believed to stand for intelligence and responsibility. A huge bedroom can feel cosy and peaceful when decorated in light or pastel tones of blue.

According to Vastu, the blue colour in the master bedroom is the ideal colour for relaxing after a hard day. You can imitate the Grecian design style, which features an all-white colour scheme with blue-painted furniture, doors, and windows.


The colour of the air, soft and breezy, clearly describes your personality to be gentle. Its colour Green represents a calm, easygoing, and analytical person who strives for excellence.

According to experts, the best colour for a couple’s bedroom is green, as different shades of green display alleviation, which induces relaxation, relief, and healing compared to other Vastu colours. So if you think painting the walls green seems like a daunting effort, you may do this by adding green vibes and hues to your home by adding some green-coloured items, like plants, to the bedroom. Green might be a fantastic colour for the walls of your and your partner’s bedroom because it is also a Vastu colour that increases fertility.


Amongst different Vastu colours for bedroom, white defines the sky and is a sense of freedom. White is your colour if you cherish feeling free and being your authentic self and can’t stand negative energy.

If you think to paint your bedroom walls according to Vastu, you should use a variety of shades of white as it provides the space dimension. White is a beautiful colour for your bedroom because it is supposed to symbolise compatibility and purity. White is a beautiful choice for choosing the perfect colour for the bedroom based on Vastu.


Yellow, which exudes life, energy, optimism, and light, is considered to induce creativity. If you want to create a ray of light in your bedroom, go for this sunny shade!

According to Vastu, yellow is a fantastic wall colour for a bedroom. This bedroom colour is associated with happiness, enthusiasm, intelligence, and optimism. Use this bold colour in modest bedrooms to give the area a spacious and welcoming vibe. Consider using this shade of flowery wallpaper on an accent wall to give your room a mellow glow.


The top adjectives to describe orange are exciting, brilliant, and fun!

The best room in your house to use orange is your master bedroom. Incorporating these Vastu colours into the bedroom doesn’t only mean painting the walls; tinted windows can also help.

Orange is an excellent colour to choose when painting a bedroom, especially the southern wall, because it is said to draw people who are driven to be and do more. It is the case since the colour orange stands for a strong foundation in values, a lot of health, and a sense of increased self-worth. Additionally, remember that orange decorations must certainly not be used by anyone with an anger management condition.


Purple is an excellent choice for your bedroom if you want the best of both colours since it combines the steady, soothing energy of blue with the fiery, fierce energy connected with red.

According to Vastu, it is advisable to select bedroom wall colours with the person who will be sleeping there in their head. Purple appears incredibly lush and is a wonderful colour to make you feel like royalty. If sleeping in a bedroom with such colours may instil these ideals, it is worth a try. Purple colours represent dignity, balance, and compassion, which are wonderful qualities to have in a person.


Now that you know Vastu colours for bedroom, which the Vastu Shastra recommends for each personality type, you may continue to decorate your bedroom functionally and aesthetically. These suggestions apply to both new and old decorating projects. Because you can easily add, mix, and match minor decorative objects of your choice and the atmosphere of your home, you don’t have to paint the walls to incorporate these colours.

Vases, flowers, lamps, plants, furniture, lighting, tinted windows, etc. can all be added to a space to provide good colours of your choice and colours recommended by the Vastu Shastra. Therefore, keep this article, and these suggestions close at hand the next time you or someone you know decides to renovate because, following Vastu shastra, everyone needs good bedroom colours.


Which is the best Vastu colour for bedroom?

White is the best Vastu colour for your bedroom.

Which colour is lucky for your house?

Red is a significantly lucky colour for your house.

Which colour promotes positive vibes?

Yellow colour is a colour of shine, and it produces positivity.

Which colour reduces stress, according to Vastu?

Blue is a very calming colour, and because it may promote an intense sensation of serenity, it can be particularly beneficial for managing stress.