Vastu for southwest Facing House—3 Benefits

Vastu for South-West Facing House

southwest is a direction in Vastu shastra, which is presided over by evil energy. The negative energy presiding over the southwest direction is Nairuthya. Everyone plans on having their dream house one day, and no one wants to have any evil powers ruling their houses. They are always looking for Vastu for southwest facing houses. As a result, the lives of members living inside the houses are also influenced by it.

Even if someone already has their houses in this southwest direction, they can lower the risks and negative energies. They can do so by following some of the solutions illustrated below. However, getting to these things is always a good option before getting involved with any negativity and risks.

What is the Significance of Direction in Vastu?

In Vastu shastra, every existing direction has its specific centre of energy. All these energy centres are getting ruled by a supreme power and classified as bad and good. All these hold great significance in the Vastu Shastra.

People consider these elements while they are preparing their houses and rooms in their houses. Based on those energies, people living inside those houses will be getting affected in their lives. And everyone wants to have a house filled with positivity and happiness.

What are the Problems in southwest Facing Houses?

When any house is built without considering the significant elements of Vastu shastra, it may bring bad things to the house and members of the house.

When the house is in the southwest direction:

  • It will attach all the bad energies to the house. They are also going to connect harmful elements to the members who are living inside the house.
  • Bring problems in the relationships of people living inside the house.
  • One can also face many problems regarding their finances, which will eventually bring many problems with it.
  • The people inside the house can also face severe illnesses or even worse accidents!

Besides the cons of Vastu for southwest facing houses, Vastu shastra also has several ways to reduce these worst effects on their house and the members of the house.

3 Benefits of Southwest Facing Houses

Welcomes Prosperity

The houses that face the southwest, fetch prosperity for the house and the members living inside the house.

Welcome Happiness

When the direction of the boundaries of the house is southwest and in southeast, it will welcome happiness inside the house.

Ensure Security

When the placement of elements and rooms inside the southwest house is done, it will bring security and safety.

7 Solutions for Problems Due to Southwest Direction

Entry Gate

The entry gate for any house is considered an entrance for positivity and good energy. Even if, according to Vastu shastra, having a house in the southwest direction is not good, one can follow a few things to avoid negativity.

The entry gate should be like the one that does not open to the south, and that will result in the entry of negativity and evil energies. The entry gate should be in the east or even northeast works.

Water Tank Placement

Another thing one should focus on to get a cure for the consequences of a southwest house is the appropriate placement of the water tanker. Everything will be maintained in equilibrium once it is settled.

According to Vastu shastra, placing water tankers in the southwest direction is considered to maintain the equilibrium of all the negative energies! It is also an attractive component of good and optimistic elements.

One thing to be kept in mind while the placement is that one should never keep the water tanker in the southwest direction. If it is in that direction, it is considered to be the attractive component of bad luck and negativity.

Heavy Elements in the Appropriate Direction

Vastu Shastra is also the right place to place heavy elements. There is a proper direction for elements like cupboards, sofas, beds, fridges, washing machines, and much more. These things are to be placed in the direction of the southwest of any house. As per the studies, when these heavy things are placed in the southwest of any house, they work as an attractive element of positivity and good luck.

Everything goes well with supreme positive energy when everything is in the right and proper place. So, these small yet significant details need to be considered by everyone in their houses!

The Direction of Water Placement

The other thing to consider in their houses is the appropriate placement of a water fountain or any water body, such as an aquarium or a swimming pool. When these things are in the direction of the northeast of the house, it acts as an attractive source of positivity and happiness.

Direction of Bathroom

The direction of the bathroom also affects a lot in the house and the members living inside the house. For the placement of the bathroom, the direction of the southwest is never considered a profitable one! It will only allow negativity and bad elements to come inside the house.

These are because bathrooms are a place in the house where dirt and waste from our bodies are discarded and removed. Therefore, the proper placement is very significant for the washrooms.

To lower the adverse effects due to the southwest placement of bathrooms inside a house, one can bind a Vastu pyramid at the wall outside. The other thing that one can do to lower the bad effects is always to keep the doors of bathrooms closed if they are in the direction of the southwest.

In the bathrooms inside the house, the placement of mirrors also affects much of the energy to welcome. The next thing that will affect is the material of which the door is prepared! The doors of the bathroom should be made up of wood. The colours should also be researched before deciding which colour the bathroom should be!

No Extensions in Southwest Direction

When someone is deciding about the directions for the extensions of their houses, they should never go for the direction of the southwest. If they are not following this, that will become a magnet that will welcome the negative sources inside the house. And no one welcomes that!

If there is no option left except the extensions to be done in the southwest direction, then it can be lowered by doing a few acts. The Vastu strips can be fixed over the wall, and should be made sure that the strips should only be of wood, copper, or brass.

The Direction of Slopes in Northeast

The next step to lower the negativity and bad luck of the house in the southwest direction is to decide the appropriate direction of slopes of the houses! When the slopes are made in the northeast direction, the house will not face bad things, and things will be balanced and maintained.


According to several scholars and Vastu for southwest facing houses, the direction of the house should never be in the southwest. In the Vastu shastra, these houses, in this specific direction, never allow the house members to be happy and filled with positive energies.

House made in the southwest direction will always attach bad luck and bad energies to the house and the members living inside the house. Even if the house has already been prepared in this direction, a number of things can be done to lessen those effects. The placement of the rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and swimming pool and the management of the things inside the house, affects a lot!


What happens when one lives in a southwest-facing house?

According to Vastu, a southwest facing house can be a medium to bring bad luck to people staying in that house!

What do you mean by nairuthi corner?

In Vastu, nairuthi is something that deals with the bad omen. And, one should never decide to prepare for their house in this direction.

Is the southwest facing plot considered good?

No! A southwest facing plot is never good to even purchase. One should always avoid doing that.

Can a house have an entry gate in the southwest direction?

An entry gate in the southwest direction is considered neither good nor bad.

Can a house have stairs in the southwest direction?

No! One can never have stairs in the southwest direction, and it is known to attract instability in financial situations.