What is the Ideal Toilet Seat Direction as per Vastu?


Your bathroom and toilet are the same as your living room; following this article, you must make it more Vastu-compliant. Let’s find out how.

Vastu Shastra has detailed guidelines for all home spaces- the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the children’s bedroom, the toilet, and the bathroom. The wrong bathroom placement can bring negative consequences, including loss of fortune, deterioration in fitness, etc., in your house. So, maintain some essential tips for toilet seats as per Vastu Shashtra to bypass those possibilities.

The toilet seat direction as per Vastu, states the toilet seat should get installed in such a direction that the individual using it would be facing the southern or northern direction of the home.

Where Should Be The Toilet Seat Direction as Per Vastu?

Here is the list of Vastu recommendations for toilet seat direction as per Vastu:

Starting With The Location of The Toilet

The northwest or the north direction of the dwelling is the place that displays the ejection of trash. So, your toilet should invariably be on the northwestern side or the north side of your house. It enables your home to eradicate negative energies and make room for positive ones.

The Direction for The Face of The Toilet Seat

The direction of the toilet seat, as per Vastu, is a critical one to be regarded. The toilet seat should always get positioned in such a direction that the individual using it would be fronting the northern or southern direction of the house. It will keep the health of the family members good.

The Corners You Should Avoid

The northeastern or the eastern sides are the directions for spiritual affairs and religious offerings. You should never position your toilet seat on that portion of the house as it will negatively influence the well-being of your family members and the wealth of your home.

A Direction That Will Impact The Health of Females

In ancient times women had independent bathrooms from the male. Vastu shastra states some directions like south-eastern south-western, and the entire south corner of the house is a forbidden area for women’s excrement. It is known to be highly unfavourable for the health of women.

Build a Window Above The Toilet Seat

The toilet seat must be fronting the northern direction of the home. And immediate above it, setting a window will be advantageous for you.

Place Your Toilet Seat a Bit Higher for Vastu

It is more beneficial to have your toilet a bit more elevated than the surface area of your house. But it might sometimes hinder the design of your home. So, provide your toilet seat with a lift by placing a supplementary stair to ascend to a level up from the floor and abide by the Vastu guidelines.

Defusing The Excreta in The Right Direction

As Vastu experts said, the waste should be eliminated on the home’s western side. Hence, your toilet’s drainage system should be on the western side, be it for your toilet seat or wash basin. All the drainage pipes of your house should be systemized in the same direction.

Use Wood for Better Toilet Doors

Metal permits energies from your toilet to enter your living room and overwhelm the positive energies; you do not want that. So, place wooden doors in your toilet to lessen the influence of negative energies emitted by your toilet left over by you.

Position of Your Toilet Door

The position of the door of your toilet is also essential to take note of while designing your toilet. It should consistently open on either the eastern or northern sides. As the east is the intersection for spiritual offerings, ensure the prayer room is not against your toilet.

Positioning Your Mirror on The Wall

The mirrors in the Vastu guidelines are important, reflecting the energies unfavourable or favourable. So, you can add a mirror on the east of your toilet facing the west corner or on the south of your toilet facing the north area will reflect all the unhealthy energies from it.

Never Build a Toilet in The Middle of Your House

The centre of your house has the highest vitality level and is known as Brahmasthan. Never make the blunder of positioning your toilet seat or building your toilet in the home’s central area, and it will fetch a threat to your home and your family members extremely. It applies to your commercial objectives too.

Consider Vastu Principles if Feasible

The main Vastu guide implies having separate rooms for toilets and bathrooms. However, it is unattainable, given the world’s inhabitants, to defend that. But, if you have an area to obey the principle, try having separate rooms for a bath and toilet.


Toilet seats also hold a special place in the Vastu Shastra. If you want a healthy and prosperous home, you may consider having a perfect-built toilet and appropriately positioned toilet seat.

You can choose south, north or southwest, west-northwest and east or southeast directions for toilet seat facing per Vastu principles. These are some favourable directions for better toilet seat direction as per Vastu. After use closing, the toilet seat lid and appropriate cleaning of the toilet ensure more favourable Vastu hygiene.


Which is the best direction for the toilet seat, as per Vastu?

The best-appropriate toilet direction is north, west or northwest to eradicate the negative energies from your place.

What should you do if the toilet seat is in the east direction?

You can use bamboo on the toilet’s ceiling if your toilet is in the east direction. This tip will help lower ill consequences.

Is the toilet seat facing the east direction suitable?

The east direction should get evaded while sitting on the toilet seat.

Is west the appropriate direction for the toilet seat, as per Vastu?

Yes. The west-direction toilet seat is infamous for annihilating junk and toxins from your body.

Why should toilet seats not be in the southeast direction?

The southeast direction for toilet seats is not recommendable. You can put a painting of a burning candle on the toilet’s south wall to clear any barriers.