14 years of property transaction data not uploaded, deals stuck

14 Years of Property Transaction Data Not Uploaded, Deals Stuck

In April, the state revenue department made it mandatory for all sub-registrar’s offices to upload property transaction data online. Sounds pretty convenient, right? Well, according to those in the know, the property transaction data from 1993 to 2007 is not available.

This has left sellers and buyers trying to access their documents online very frustrated. And when they head to the sub-registrar’s office hoping to get their hands on the physical copies of their documents, they face rejection.

According to Deepak Patel, a lawyer with expertise in revenue-related cases, his clients face a significant hurdle when trying to access their sales deed title online. “The transaction data for the past three months is available but data from 1993-2007 has not been uploaded. When we try to obtain physical documents from the sub-registrar’s office, the officials insist that the sales title data must be accessed exclusively online. This predicament has created numerous complications for property deals,” he says.