18 Homeowners Warned in Gurugram, Fix Building Issues or Risk Losing OCs

Attention Gurugram homeowners, 18 received notices for breaching the building norms, OCs at risk.

In a recent development, homeowners in fancy neighbourhoods of Gurugram like Sushant Lok-1 and -2, DLF-2, Vatika India Next, and Uppal Southend have been given issued warnings. Authorities have taken this step on alleged building norm violations and unauthorised commercial ventures that have been started without proper permission. As a result, about eighteen homeowners are in trouble, with their Occupation Certificates(OCs) at risk.

The Department of Town and Country Planning(DTCP) has provided them with a timeline of one week to explain themselves. If their explanations fail to satisfy the requirements, their OCs risk being revoked. The problem is that these homeowners are said to have built things or started businesses they weren’t allowed to do according to the conditions outlined in their OCs.

The places under scrutiny include certain parts of Sushant Lok-1 and -2, along with a few houses in DLF-2, Uppal Southend, and Vatika India Next. These homeowners must present themselves before the Department of Town Planning(DTP) on August 16, 17, or 18 with all the relevant documents for inspection.

The reason for all this action follows the recommendation of the district town planner(DTP), who suggested that they should cancel the papers for about 100 houses in the city because of similar problems. But this first group of eighteen houses is facing the first taste of trouble.

Sources revealed that this action will continue until the end of August, leaving no room for violators to escape. Authorities are mostly irked with people starting businesses like gyms, salons, clinics, and restaurants without asking for permission first.

Manish Yadav, DTP(enforcement), appealed to people to be smart and stop these activities independently. That way, they won’t have to go through a formal process. As the countdown begins for these homeowners, whether their replies will be sufficient to safeguard their coveted OCs remains to be seen.