20 People in Lucknow Scammed for Rs. 10 Lakh Each

20 People in Lucknow Scammed for Rs 10 Lakh Each

20 people in Lucknow cheated of Rs. 10 lakh each in a housing scam, a real case of betrayal.

A group of six individuals tricked 20 people by promising them homes through a government housing scheme, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, in the Gudamba area. The victims were asked to give Rs. 10 lakh each, and the scammers are now facing legal action.

The individuals facing charges for this scam include Devkush from Aliganj, along with Vivekanand and Manish Srivastava from Gudamba. Additionally, Jai Prakash, Ved Prakash, and Virendra Kumar Sharma are implicated in the case. Raghvendra Tiwari, an employee of LDA residing in Gudamba, lodged a complaint and stated that he had invested Rs. 10 lakh in two groups, Sankalp Awas Group and Devanchal Group, led by these individuals.

The scammers told the victims they would help them get a house through a government scheme and even promised a discount of Rs. 2.5 lakh. They also said they would provide a 374 sq. ft. house in the Paikramau area. But after three years, these promises have not been kept.

The victims gave their money using cheques, demand drafts, and RTGS. They trusted the scammers, thinking they would do what they promised. Raghvendra Tiwari, the complainant, says the scammers are not answering calls or giving the money back.

Unfortunately, this is not the only case. The police have found at least 20 other people who were tricked in the same way by this group. Tiwari got in touch with the scammers in January 2020 through one of the group members. The scammers even made brochures to make themselves look real.