36,000 Flats for Diwali—Big Gift from Delhi Development Authority

36,000 Flats for Diwali—Big Gift from Delhi Development Authority

Over 36,000 new flats are up for grabs in Delhi. A massive chance to own a home this Diwali.

New Delhi is gearing up for a huge housing scheme this Diwali. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is set to present over 36,000 brand-new apartments in Dwarka, Lok Nayak Puram, and Narela.

These apartments come in various categories:

  • 14 penthouses
  • 170 super HIG (High-Income Group)
  • 3,000 HIG
  • 4,700 MIG (Middle-Income Group)
  • 20,000 LIG (Low-Income Group)
  • 8,430 EWS (Economically Weaker Section) flats

There are 3,100 flats in Dwarka, including penthouses and super High Income Group (HIG) apartments. Other categories like HIG, (Middle Income Group) MIG, and (Lower Income Group) LIG will also be available mostly in sectors 19B and 14.

DDA is still working on determining the prices and how these flats will be allocated. It is also considering options like computerised draws and first-come-first-serve.

For Narela, where 25,400 houses will be offered, it will likely be first-come-first-serve. This marks a major shift as DDA has never released so many flats at once before.

People can expect 647 MIG and about 220 EWS flats in Lok Nayak Puram. These flats offer ample space, according to officials.

Additionally, the 14 penthouses in Sector 19B Dwarka might be auctioned online for the first time. These luxurious properties are expected to have an initial price of around Rs. 4 crore.

Once the flat prices are decided, the DDA will post all the details on their website, and people can start applying for them.

In a previous housing scheme, the DDA managed to sell 2,236 out of 5,623 flats within 100 days. Encouraged by this response, the DDA has set a target to sell at least 40% of their unsold inventory during this financial year.

To make this happen, DDA has even hired a real estate consultant to develop a strategy to boost sales. Their primary task is to consider various factors to maximise the sales of these new flats.