43,000+ Families Get Help from UP Government’s Gift Deed Plan

43,000+ Families Get Help from UP Government's Gift Deed Plan

Uttar Pradesh’s Gift Deed Scheme brings joy to 43,000+ families, featuring affordable property transfers for close relatives.

The Uttar Pradesh government’s Gift Deed Scheme has brought smiles to the faces of 43,574 families in just a little over a month. This scheme allowed the easy transfer of property to close family members with a super affordable stamp duty of only Rs. 5,000.

Before, if you wanted to give a property to your family member, you had to pay a lot in taxes, almost as much as the property’s value. But now, this new plan is much more affordable and accessible.

Last year, over 2.5 lakh families used this plan when it was available for six months, from June to December 2023. And now, in just a short time, from August 5 to September 12 this year, 43,574 more families have taken advantage of it and saved a huge amount of money – Rs. 1807.31 crore.

It’s not just the families who are excited about this; even the number of registrations has shot up since the announcement of this scheme.