Andhra Pradesh’s Ambitious Housing Scheme to Lead India in Energy Efficiency

Andhra Pradesh's Ambitious Housing Scheme to Lead India in Energy Efficiency

Explore how Andhra Pradesh empowers women, saves energy, and builds homes for all in India’s largest housing scheme.

Andhra Pradesh has taken a great initiative to save energy and give people their homes. They’re calling it the ‘Navaratnalu-Pedalandariki Illu’ program, the biggest plan of its kind in India. This initiative, started by the state government, aims to distribute 30.65 lakh house sites, revolutionising homeownership dynamics.

One of the most striking features of this plan is that women will own the 71,811 acres of land where homes will be built. It’s worth a lot of money, around Rs.56,102 crore. This is a powerful step towards women’s rights and shows they can also own property.

Many people from different sections of the society will get these homes. About 20% are from scheduled castes, 5.76% are from scheduled tribes, 54.35% are from backward classes, and almost 20% belong to other castes. This diverse representation underscores the inclusive spirit of the ‘Navaratnalu-Pedalandariki Illu scheme.

The government in Andhra Pradesh wants to build 30.65 lakh houses, and they will spend Rs. 83,460 crore on this project. They have already approved 21.75 lakh houses under other schemes, costing Rs. 64,337 crore. The Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Limited ensures these plans are well-executed.

Also, APTIDCO (Andhra Pradesh Township and Infrastructure Development Corporation), a government organisation, is building 2.62 lakh houses for poor people in cities and towns. These homes will be in 88 different places. These well-designed homes follow a G+3 pattern and are categorised based on size and financing. Some people will get houses for free, while others will pay with help from the government or loans. The government is also ensuring that these areas have all the necessary infrastructure, like roads and water.

The government is also giving something extra to make these homes better. Each person who gets a house will get four LED bulbs, two LED tube lights, and two energy-saving fans. This will save a lot of energy, about 734 units per house annually. That equals around Rs.352 crore in savings for the first phase of 15.6 lakh houses.

Special Chief Secretary for Housing Ajay Jain says people should use these energy-saving things to improve their lives. He emphasised that this initiative is not just about housing; it’s about transforming lives and making dignified living a reality for all.