Approximately 110 to Have e-Auction—Chandigarh Housing Board Properties

The Chandigarh Housing Board will go for an e-auction of residential and commercial properties this year, mainly from the end of August.

Chandigarh Housing Board is a well-known agency that is constructing commercial units, undertaking many schemes, depositing actions for Chandigarh Administration and a lot more! Presently, Dharam Pal is the Chairman of Chandigarh Housing Board. The Board will conduct a fresh e-auction for residential and commercial properties from August end, and it is expected that bids will be open from September end.

As per the information, the e-auction includes approximately 28 freehold properties and around 88 leasehold commercial properties. One of the most costly properties is in Sector 51 A, which has two bedrooms, and the price rate is around Rs. 95.34 lakhs. Two EWS units are in sector 38 with a reserved price of Rs. 27.08 lakhs. Furthermore, the four EWS units in sector 26 have a reserved price of Rs. 28.25 lakhs, and 16 units in Manimajra have a reserved price rate of Rs. 53.36 lakhs.

The commercial properties are located in Manimajra (59 properties), Sector 40 A (10 properties), and Sector 61 (18 properties). These commercial properties have a reserve price of Rs. 19.48 lakh – Rs. 2.77 crore.