Assam’s Vision for Cleanliness: 2,000 New Homes for Cleaning Heroes

Assam's Vision for Cleanliness: 2,000 New Homes for Cleaning Heroes

Assam’s CM promises 2,000 new homes for cleaning workers as a big thank-you for their hard work keeping our places clean.

Assam’s Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, has made a remarkable announcement to construct 2,000 new homes for the cleaning staff of municipal corporations and bodies across the state. This noble initiative will cost a total of Rs. 500 crore to the state.

CM Sarma made this announcement while participating in the ‘Shramdaan for Swachhta’ campaign at the historic Gandhi Mandap, echoing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for a nationwide cleanliness drive on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti.

During the event, CM Sarma set a remarkable example by personally participating in an hour-long “shramdaan”. He cleaned a stretch of road leading to Gandhi Mandap and showcased a deep respect by washing the feet of a Mahatma Gandhi statue.

The ‘Shramdaan for Swachhta’ campaign was not limited to a single location; it happened across 22,422 locations in the state. CM Sarma emphasised that such initiatives are essential as they help people understand the importance of cleanliness and the hardships faced by sanitation workers in their daily efforts to maintain clean surroundings.

Reflecting on his own experience during the 57 minutes of shramdaan, CM Sarma shared, “I felt their hardship. Now, people will understand the hardships of those working 8-9 hours to keep the surroundings clean.” This realisation catalysed the ambitious plan to build 2,000 new homes for the state’s cleaning staff.

These homes symbolise gratitude and respect for the individuals who work hard to ensure our communities are clean and healthy. It is a tribute to their dedication and a promise of better living conditions.