Balcony Collapse at Chintels Paradiso-Gurugram, No Injuries Reported

Balcony Collapse at Chintels Paradiso-Gurugram, No Injuries Reported

The recent balcony collapse at Chintels Paradiso highlights safety concerns in the housing. No casualties were reported. CBI investigates.

Last night, four balconies from Tower D in the Chintels Paradiso housing complex gave way, according to the society’s president, Rakesh Hooda. Fortunately, since the tower was unoccupied, no injuries were reported.

This incident serves as a reminder of a previous tragedy last February when six floors collapsed, resulting in two casualties. Following an assessment by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Towers D, E, F, G, and H were declared unsafe. The recent incident in Tower D occurred in the context of these safety concerns.

In June 2023, Towers E and F were evacuated, and evacuation orders were issued for G and H. However, some families from Towers G and H remained due to inadequate alternative housing.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has taken charge of the investigation, while the Supreme Court is reviewing residents’ appeals for compensation and action against the developer.

The situation underscores the critical need for safety and accountability in housing developments.