Bank of Baroda to Auction Sunny Deol’s Juhu Villa on August 25 to Recover Rs. 56 Crore

Sunny Deol House Auction

To recover 55.99 crore in respect of a loan, interest and penalty, the Bank of Baroda is set to auction Sunny Deol’s luxurious Juhu Villa.

Bank of Baroda is prepared for an e-auction of actor and BJP Member of Parliament Sunny Deol’s luxurious Juhu villa on August 25. Sunny Deol has been in default, with an unpaid loan of Rs 55.99 crore, along with multiple interest and penalties, dating back to December 2022.

The villa is within a massive 599.44 square metres of area. The villa is a residence and consists of “Sunny Sounds,” a company owned by the Deol family. Furthermore, Sunny Deol’s father, Dharmendra, guaranteed the loan, adding another layer of complexity to this financial situation.

Bank of Baroda kept their mouth shut when asked for further details about the loan’s origin and additional guarantees. Also, the property’s value is falling short due to the outstanding debt the actor owes.

However, there’s still a point of hope for the Deol family. The bank says they can pay back the entire money they owe to stop the auction, as SARFAESI Act of 2002 provides legal support for such proceedings.

As August 25 approaches, all eyes are on the auction, which has sent shockwaves through the political and entertainment zones.