Builders to Share Blueprint Layouts for Super Strength Tests—Gurugram

Builders to Share Blueprint Layouts for Super Strength Tests Gurugram

Builders in Gurugram must submit the layouts for structural testing and reduce the risks of high-rise residential societies.

The Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) has sent out notices to builders to provide a layout of their buildings for a structural audit. This process is necessary to ensure the safety of 23 high-rise residential societies. However, the audit got delayed because the builders had not yet given the required drawings.

To start the process, the builders must submit their drawings to the DTCP office. Once the layouts are received, the audit agencies will calculate the audit cost. This cost will be shared between the builders and the Residential Welfare Associations (RWAs).

Manish Yadav, the District Town Planner (Enforcement), explained that the audit only begins after the drawings are submitted. Once the cost is determined, the builders and RWAs will be informed about their share of the expenses. The 23 societies that will be audited in the second phase include CHD Avenue, Paras Dews, Raheja Atharva, and others.

The district administration ordered a visual inspection of 55 high-rise societies in May. It involved checking building maintenance, plastering, leaks, dampness, and cracks. The second round of audits for 15 societies was to begin on July 10. The audit agencies recommended laboratory tests for these societies. The builders were notified to arrange the tests or obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the RWAs and submit it to the DTCP office.

The DTCP urges builders to promptly submit the necessary drawings so that the structural audit process can proceed smoothly. It is essential to prioritise safety and work together to create secure living spaces for everyone.