Buildings of 85 Colonies Will Have Solar Panels—Indore

Buildings of 85 Colonies Will Have Solar Panels Indore

A local civic administration announced to develop Indore as a solar city, and the target is generating 300 MegaWatt of power.

In the upcoming 3 years, the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) will install solar panels on rooftops to generate 300 MW of power. The plan is initiated by targeting 85 housing colonies of the city that will have solar panels on the rooftops of their several buildings.

Mayor of Indore, Pushyamitra Bhargava, stated, “To achieve this goal, the rules and regulations for sanctioning buildings will be changed and citizens will be given subsidies under government schemes for setting up solar power plants.”

Pushyamitra Bhargava also added that in the first phase, solar panels will be installed on government buildings.

Pushyamitra Bhargava and IMC commissioner Harshika Singh had a meeting, and they concluded to identify one colony in every 85 wards of Indore City. As per estimates, the total area of Indore City is 125 lakh square metres, of which 20% can be used to install solar panels.

As per an official of IMC, presently, the solar panels installed generate around 40 MW of power every year, and now it’s targeted to make it 300 MW in the coming three years.