Construction Director in Coimbatore Nabbed for Swindling Rs. 78 Lakhs

Construction Director in Coimbatore Nabbed for Swindling Rs. 78 Lakhs

Police arrested the managing director of a private firm company in Coimbatore for fake promises and cheating of Rs. 78 lakhs.

The director of Meritt Infra Private Limited, a private construction company, faced arrest for allegedly cheating multiple individuals with false promises of building houses. D Rajamani, a retired mechanical engineer from Salem and one of the victims, was introduced to the company through his colleague Clement Bernaboss. The firm assured to construct a house in Thudiyalur and received a total payment of Rs. 43,81,680 in instalments during 2019. Vijayakumar, the managing director, and Joel Emerson, the CEO, received the payments.

Despite receiving the funds, the promised house was never built, prompting Rajamani to demand a refund. The company issued cheques, but they bounced due to insufficient funds. In a partial attempt to repay, the duo gave him Rs. 6 lakh, but they still owed a significant amount. Frustrated and betrayed, Rajamani finally filed a police complaint to seek justice.

Subsequently, the police investigation revealed that Rajamani was not the only victim. Numerous others had fallen prey to the company’s deceitful tactics, collectively losing Rs. 78 lakh through their investments.

The city crime branch took swift action against Vijayakumar, arresting him on charges of fraud and cheating. The arrest sent shockwaves through the local community, raising concerns about such unscrupulous practices in the real estate sector. Authorities urged potential homebuyers to remain cautious and thoroughly investigate companies before making financial commitments.

The police are continuing their efforts to apprehend other individuals associated with the company and are encouraging affected individuals to come forward and report similar cases of deception.