COWRKS Unveils 50,000 Sq. Ft. Hotspot in Chennai for Workspaces

COWRKS Unveils 50,000 Sq Ft Hotspot in Chennai for Workspaces

COWRKS opens a huge 50,000 sq. ft. workspace in Chennai’s Millenia Business Park, igniting a vibrant work atmosphere in the city.

COWRKS, a provider of managed workplace solutions, inaugurated their fourth spot in Chennai. This expansive workspace spans 50,000 square feet and accommodates around 650 desks in Millenia Business Park.

Parul Thakur, the company’s Business Head and Senior VP, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Chennai is a vibrant business hub, and the local energy is tremendous. We see significant potential for our business to flourish here”.

Presently, COWRKS operates 26 locations across six cities, offering more than 12.3 lakh square feet of rentable space and over 16,400 desks.

As part of the Brookfield Properties group, COWRKS continues to expand its footprint in the managed workplace sector.