DDA Unveils 5,000 Affordable Homes in Festival Special Housing Scheme 2023

DDA Unveils 5,000 Affordable Homes in Festival Special Housing Scheme 2023

DDA’s Festival Special Housing Scheme 2023 offers 5,000 affordable EWS & LIG flats. Register now for a brighter future!

In a bid to address the growing housing needs in the capital, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has initiated the registration process for 5,000 newly constructed Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Low-Income Group (LIG) flats. These affordable housing units are located in Lok Nayak Puram, Narela, and Dwarka, offering a ray of hope for many aspiring homeowners.

Under the Festival Special Housing Scheme 2023, a grand total of 27,000 EWS and LIG flats have been crafted to meet the diverse housing requirements of the city’s residents. These flats will be released in phases, following a fair and transparent first-come-first-serve approach.

As the clock ticks towards the launch on Friday morning, prospective homeowners eager to seize this opportunity are advised to visit the DDA website at dda.gov.in. The online application form awaits completion, and applicants are required to upload essential documents along with the form. A nominal application fee is to be paid during the process, culminating in the generation of a unique application number.

A senior official shed light on the seamless application process, emphasising the importance of timely action to secure a spot in this housing venture. The DDA’s commitment to streamlining the application process reflects its dedication to making homeownership a reality for a broader segment of Delhi’s population.