Delhi SEIAA Gave the Green Signal to the Construction of the Group Housing Colony at Ashok Vihar

Delhi SEIAA Gave the Green Signal to the Construction of the Group Housing Colony at Ashok Vihar

SEIAA approved environment clearance for constructing a Group Housing Colony at Ashok Vihar, Delhi.

SEIAA (State Environment Impact Assessment Authority) carries out EIA’s notification and giving licences for prior Environment Clearance (EC) for real estate projects under the category “B”.

In Delhi, the Group Housing Colony, Ashok Vihar, comes under the category “B” and needed environment clearance from SEIAA. The land parcel for this real estate project belonged to Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) and was given to M/s. Godrej Green Woods Private Limited under the lease agreement.

At the site, there are approximately 1,961 trees at present. So, SEIAA laid the condition that 100 trees will be transplanted on the premises, about 662 trees will be transferred off-site, 203 will be retained, and 996 will be pruned. Also, the Sheesham trees should not fall on the boundary walls.

There were also a few more conditions that the agency needs to follow, some of which are:

  • No trees will be transplanted somewhere until the agency asks for them.
  • Old trees at the site will be kept based on their age and girth.
  • No demolition will be carried out without barricading the site of the ongoing project.
  • The area for greenery will be provided as per the details in the document of this project.
  • This project shall take all the crucial clearance from every relevant agency to carry out the smooth construction of the project.
  • If applicable, the developers should also ask the National Board for Wildlife permission.

In the year 2021, this project of Group Housing Colony in Ashok Vihar has already got clearance from SEIAA. But, later, the developers claimed there was a mistake in counting the total number of trees. And now, SEIAA has given the nod for Environmental Clearance to construct a real estate project in Ashok Vihar.