Demolition of Farmhouses on Yamuna Floodplains Holds for a Month — Allahabad High Court

Demolition of Farmhouses on Yamuna Floodplains Holds for a Month — Allahabad High Court

Allahabad High Court has made it compulsory for Noida authorities to solve the problems which the owners of farmhouses raised, and that too, within a month!

Allahabad High Court has notified every farmhouse owner to take a break from further construction of the farmhouses on the floodplains of Yamuna.

The authorities of Noida have destroyed approximately 32 farmhouses in sector 135 (these constructions were considered illegal) and warned the owners about the dangers and risks of any construction on the Yamuna bed!

The demolished property is estimated to have a market value of approximately Rs 40 Crore. And looking at all these, Allahabad High Court has also ordered the authorities of Noida to resolve all these issues of the farmhouse owners within 30 days.

Approximately 100 owners of farmhouses have filed a complaint in Allahabad High Court after a notice from the Noida authority was released on 8th June 2022. Noida authorities have made a notice which said that the farmhouses were illegally constructed on the Yamuna bed, and they were also due for demolition per multiple orders from NGT (National Green Tribunal).

Some environmentalists have also stated that the Noida authority should remove every illegal construction in the flood zone of Yamuna. Also, the owners of farmhouses are frequently dumping all their wastes in the Yamuna River, destroying flora and fauna and the river’s slow death! And they are demanding to remove every illegal construction still there, and even after several directives from National Green Tribunal, the Noida authority is so slow in this case!

In 2022, a petition was filed in Allahabad High Court to challenge the general notice by the Court. So, the High Court stated that Noida authority should maintain the status, and this is until the individual owner of farmhouses files their issues. After all the assessments, the authorities will pass any further orders regarding the demolition of farmhouses.

Additionally, the Noida authority has pasted a notice stating the prohibition of further construction on the riverbeds.

On 14th June, Allahabad High Court passed the order that the farmhouse owners would get ten days to file their issues. After that, the Noida authority will also get ten days to look into the matter and pass orders regarding them. And during this period, the Noida authority will maintain the status.

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