Dilip Kumar’s Pali Hill Bungalow Transforms into Luxury Residential Marvel with a Museum Tribute

Dilip Kumar's Pali Hill Bungalow Transforms into Luxury Residential Marvel with a Museum Tribute

Dilip Kumar’s iconic Mumbai bungalow is all set to pave the way for a new residential marvel.

In a captivating turn of events, the iconic Pali Hill bungalow once belonged to the legendary Bollywood actor, Dilip Kumar, is set to transform remarkably.

The late actor’s family collaborated with renowned realty developer Ashar Group to create a mesmerising luxury residential project in Mumbai’s Bandra suburb. This ambitious project will also house an awe-inspiring museum, immortalising the beloved actor’s life journey and cherished milestones.

Encompassing an expansive half-acre land parcel, the groundbreaking project will stretch across 11 floors, boasting a total construction area of 1.75 lakh sq. ft. The focal point of this marvel will be the museum, thoughtfully positioned on the tower’s ground floor, accessible separately.

“With construction well underway, the project is slated for completion as per RERA regulations by 2027, though we anticipate finishing it sooner within the next two years,” revealed Ajay Ashar, the visionary CMD of Ashar Group. His enthusiasm is well-founded, as the proposed project is anticipated to generate an astounding revenue of Rs 900 crore.

For over half a decade, the Pali Hill plot has been embroiled in various controversies, with Dilip Kumar’s wife, Saira Banu, confronting a defamation notice and accusations of fraudulent land takeover against another developer. However, all legal issues have been deftly resolved, with consent terms filed in the arbitration matter, paving the way for this remarkable project to take flight.

As Mumbai eagerly awaits the metamorphosis of the illustrious bungalow into a marvel of modern living and artistic tribute, cinephiles and architecture enthusiasts are brimming with anticipation. The prospect of residing within the embrace of Dilip Kumar’s legacy while witnessing glimpses of his extraordinary life through the museum is a dream come true.