DTCP to Monitor Affordable Real Estate Properties—Gurugram

DTCP to Monitor Affordable Real Estate Properties—Gurugram

According to the officials of the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP), around 50 affordable real estate projects costing less than Rs. 30 lakh each are lagging behind their schedule.

The DTCP warned the real estate developers of the affordable housing projects for delaying projects and said that the officials will regularly monitor the under-construction projects. These projects include several houses and flats, most of which were launched 5 years back.

Around 5 developers absent from a meeting on 29th September have been instructed to submit the progress report for their housing project within a week. Afterwards, the reports will be forwarded to higher authorities for subsequent steps.

Several other project representatives and developers were absent from the meeting. These have exceeded the deadline for completing their housing projects, originally scheduled to be finished within 4 years. These project representatives include Mahira Homes, SRV Automobile, and Tulsiani Construction, and the developers include Pivotal Infrastructure and Agranta Realty, who were not present in this meeting.

Renuka Singh, the senior town planner, said, “Instructions were issued to complete construction work of the projects within the license terms and conditions and the time limit. Orders have been issued to the concerned officers for projects requiring inspections. Written orders were issued to the developers who did not attend the meeting to send the status report of their project within a week. Otherwise, action would be taken as per the rules.”