Griha Pravesh Ceremony to be Organised for PMAY-G Beneficiaries—Assam Government

Griha Pravesh Ceremony to Be Organized for PMAY G Beneficiaries Assam Government

Today, Assam Panchayat and Rural Development will organise the Griha Pravesh Ceremony with the active participation of more than 3 lakh people.

The Assam Chief Minister, Dr Himanta Biswa, will launch the Griha Pravesh Ceremony for more than 3 lakh people in the capital city of Assam, Guwahati. These beneficiaries come under PMAY-G, and they will perform the ceremony simultaneously.

Many officials will participate in this mass ceremony, including Members of Parliament, the Chief Executive Members, MLAs, the President, GP Members, Deputy commissioners, BDOs, ZP and panchayat, and the Chairman of the Municipal Board.

The Assam Panchayat and Rural Development Minister, Ranjeet Kumar Das, said that this Griha Pravesh Ceremony is the second largest program held in India.

He also said, “Earlier 5 lakh Griha Pravesh Programme was held in Uttar Pradesh where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was Chief Guest and the July 13 programme in Assam will become the second highest house Griha Pravesh Programme.”

The Assam Government also plans to finish the remaining 6.69 lakh houses by the end of September 2024! Ranjeet Kumar Dass said that since May 10, 2021, the Assam Government has completed 8,34,839 PMAY-G houses.

To meet all this target, the Assam Government got approximately Rs. 14,540.84 crore in 2022-23 with Rs. 13,086.76 crore as the Central share and Rs. 14,54.08 crore as the State share. It is said that the State has raised the amount of Rs. 10,913.24 crore. Also, the Assam Panchayat and Rural Development Department has qualified almost 4923 masons to meet this demand of PMAY-G.