Gujarat Government Plans New Law to Improve Housing Societies

Gujarat Government Plans New Law to Improve Housing Societies

Gujarat will likely introduce a new law to enhance housing society operations, address disputes and improve governance.

The Gujarat government is considering introducing a law in the upcoming legislative session to make housing societies work better in the state. This law will present clear rules on numerous topics and disputes that housing societies face.

Currently, housing societies follow guidelines from the registrar of cooperatives, but they often have issues leading to disputes among members.

The proposed law will cover many things, including society management, elections, the appointment of committee members, solving issues while selling homes, checking society accounts, and following government rules, including safety and drainage.

A law draft is being made, and experts from different departments are giving their input. The law is expected to be discussed in the next assembly session, which is the budget session.

The government might also create a special group to deal with housing society issues because they differ from other cooperative groups. Many people are directly involved with housing societies, so having a group to oversee them could be a good idea.

There are a lot of housing societies, and the registrar of cooperatives doesn’t have enough manpower to handle all the issues. Also, some housing societies have not had their accounts audited for a long time.