Gurugram Takes a Stand: Illegal Farmhouses to be Removed from 100 Acres of Aravali Land

Gurugram Takes a Stand: Illegal Farmhouses to Be Removed from 100 Acres of Aravali Land

Officials are removing illegal farmhouses from 100 acres, bringing back nature’s balance and harmony.

In Gurugram, illegal farmhouses are built in a large area of Aravali. The forest department has decided to take action and demolish the illegal farmhouses next month.

The forest ranger, Karamvir Malik, said they had to wait a little because some staff were being moved to different jobs. But they have already sent more than 70 notices to the people who have built these farmhouses without permission.

A long time ago, to make the land better, a project called Aravali Plantation was initiated. But some people took the land and built farmhouses on it. The Supreme Court said this land should be protected under a special law called the Forest Conservation Act.

After demolishing the farmhouses, the forest department will keep a close eye on the land using drones to ensure no construction is done.

The forest department did a survey and found out that there are about 50 farmhouses that were built illegally on the Aravali Plantation land. These farmhouses are in Gwal Pahari, Gairatpur Bas, Sohna, and others.

Experts say it’s important to keep watching the Aravali land because it belongs to the village councils and private owners. Even though they’re not allowed to build on it, some people still do. An ecologist and wildlife expert named Sunil Harsana said the forest department should protect this land and not let people do any construction.

The plan is to remove the illegal farmhouses and make the Aravali land safe and natural again.