Haryana Becomes the First State in the Country to Launch Property ID System

Haryana Becomes the First State in the Country to Launch Property ID System

Haryana leads the way with a Property ID system to streamline property data and empower citizens with an accessible system.

Haryana has made history by becoming the first state in India to introduce a Property ID system. Urban Local Bodies Minister Dr. Kamal Gupta shared this achievement. Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar for the ‘Creation of New Property-ID under Normal and Tatkal Scheme’, urging other states to follow suit.

Dr. Kamal Gupta announced that 34 lakh properties within Lal Dora have been integrated into the new Property ID, streamlining data entry from property registries. Of 2,274 unauthorised colonies, 494 have already been legalised, and the process is ongoing to regularise the rest. Dr. Gupta aims to regularise nearly 850 colonies by January 31, 2024. He also highlighted the ‘Svamitva Yojana’, which grants ownership rights to shopkeepers who have been in their establishments for 20 years by December 31, 2020. Now, property-related information can be conveniently shared with urban local body citizens via SMS.

Dr. Gupta further revealed a time-limited tax relief for full property tax payment in the fiscal year 2023-24, extending until November 15, 2023. Property owners can verify and make corrections in their property data on the departmental portal.

The Director of the Urban Local Bodies Department, Yash Pal, and other senior officers were present during this announcement. Haryana’s approach sets the stage for efficient property management and a more accessible system for citizens.