Haryana Chief Minister to Make Ultimate Decision on Panel Favouring Stilt-Plus-Four Concept

Haryana Chief Minister to Make Ultimate Decision on Panel Favoring Stilt Plus Four Concept

The expert committee of Haryana has suggested stilt plus four (S+4) with riders and infrastructure augmentation and proposed reducing the building’s height.

The four-member committee, including the former IAS officer and chairman of the Haryana State Pollution Control Board, P Raghvendra Rao, submitted a report to the Chief Minister of Haryana. The committee gave a green signal to construct S+4 type structures in new sectors.

Per the instructions, the S+4 must cater for a density of 18 people per slot and reduce the heights to 15m from 16.5m! However, the width of roads is 12 metres plus, meaning there is scope for augmented infrastructure.

The committee suggested plans focusing on solutions for increased pressure on the system and the water supply. The plan favours proper sunlight, privacy, safety and good ventilation in the building, with proper emergency and fire exits. There must be fire fighting equipment inside the building. The committee emphasised the plans for clearing the area and the buildings in any uncertain case of fire or emergencies.

The committee included standard operating procedures for carrying out the infrastructure capacity audit only to have a proper drainage system, water supply to all and a good scope for timely upgradation for the buildings and area in their plan.

The ACS has submitted a report to Haryana Shehri Vikas Pradhikaran and the town and country planning department for the examination. After the examination, it will be forwarded for a final decision to the Chief Minister of Haryana.

An official said they had gathered approximately 26,000 inputs from several stakeholders to compile building codes for different states and cities that face these sorts of issues and safety hazards, just like Haryana. However, the final call is on the Chief Minister as he is the one to accept or reject the proposal submitted to him!