Housing Ministry Praises the Smart City Projects in Coimbatore

Housing Ministry Praises the Smart City Projects in Coimbatore

The Housing Ministry applauds the impressive projects of Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry.

Coimbatore, known for its innovative urban projects, is in the spotlight as the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has praised its smart city initiatives. The city corporation’s efforts have garnered massive recognition from the central government for its remarkable achievements.

A recent visit by a media delegation from New Delhi representing the Union government spotlighted Coimbatore’s smart city endeavours. One such accomplishment is the iconic Thiruvalluvar statue at Kurichi Lake, a masterpiece crafted using Tamil alphabets. This 25-foot steel is a tribute to the legendary Tamil poet and stands as the first of its kind in India. With more than 3,000 alphabets utilized, the statue pays homage to the city’s cultural heritage.

Additionally, the ministry appreciated the “Media Tree,” an 11-meter-tall LED tower that graces Coimbatore’s landscape. This towering structure serves as both an informative hub and an entertainment centre, adding a cherry to the city’s smart transformation. The ministry’s “Media Tree” recognition highlights Coimbatore’s commitment to embracing innovation and progress.

The smart city mission’s impact is also evident in the development of model roads at Race Course and DB Road. These roads showcase Coimbatore’s dedication to creating visually pleasing and practical urban spaces.

As Coimbatore’s smart city initiatives continue to flourish, they inspire the city’s residents and the entire nation on how dedicated efforts and innovative ideas can impact urban development.