IIT-Bombay Steps in to Investigate Tulsi Bhavan Slab Collapse Amidst Controversy

IIT Bombay Steps in to Investigate Tulsi Bhavan Slab Collapse Amidst Controversy

IIT-Bombay investigates the Tulsi Bhavan slab collapse to uncover the truth with in-depth analysis.

IIT-Bombay has stepped in to examine the structural audit report and uncover the truth behind the tragic incident at Tulsi Bhavan, Sarsole village in Nerul. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) had previously appointed a structural auditor to inspect the three wings of the building, including the sections affected by the tragedy, just a week ago.

Meanwhile, activists have raised concerns regarding the violation of rules during the construction.

Tulsi Bhavan comprises three wings, given by Cidco to project affected persons under the 12.5% scheme. The placement of wings named A, B, and C contrasts their plot numbers 310, 311, and 309. Altogether, the building has 12 apartments and stores.

Sadly, a terrible slap collapse occurred on the third floor of the C-wing (on plot number 311) on August 23, where two people died, and two others got severely injured. Disturbingly, Tulsi Bhavan lacks an occupancy certificate (OC), raising questions about its structural integrity from the outset.

The NMMC, in search of answers, commissioned a structural audit through Yash Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd, their trusted partner, for two days of intense scrutiny. Adding further expertise to the investigation, a team from IIT-Bombay recently visited the site.

Activist Anarjit Chauhan alleged, “During the building’s construction, the mandatory space of 1.5 m wasn’t left from the roadside. Buildings were developed and joined without amalgamating the plots. Such type of serious violations led to the denial of OC.”

“NMMC’s junior engineer, Bhagwat Olekar, stated, “The experts finished checking the building. IIT-Bombay will look at their report and tell us what to do next.”

Meanwhile, the Nerul police are in action, booking the builder, architect from Mumbai, and the plot owner under sections of the Indian Penal Code related to negligence leading to fatalities and endangering lives.