Kanpur Development Authority Takes a Stand: Says No to Fake Building Plans

Kanpur Development Authority Takes a Stand: Says No to Fake Building Plans

Kanpur development authority is taking action against fake site plans by cancelling building maps.

The Kanpur Development Authority (KDA) is taking important action against fraudulent practices in the approval of building maps. This crackdown comes after an investigation revealed that some building maps were being approved based on completely fake site plans.

District Magistrate and Vice Chairmand of the KDA, Vishak G Iyer took the lead in this commendable action to ensure transparency and integrity in the city’s development.

It all started with a complaint filed on June 30 by the Pioneer Green City Owners Welfare Association, representing Singhpur Kachhar and Hanumant Vihar. They raised concerns about the legality of building plans sanctioned in these areas. The vice-chairman, thereby ordered an investigation led by senior officials.

Reports came and the investigation confirmed the allegations. Building plans were being approved based on forged and fabricated information. This shocking discovery prompted strict action from the KDA.

One significant move was the cancellation of approved amended site plans under section 15 (9) of the UP Urban Planning and Development Act, 1973. This step ensures that any plans based on false or incomplete information are invalidated.

Not only this, the KDA has lodged a First Information Report (FIR) under sections 420, 467, 468, and 471 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the responsible. The authorised directors of M/s Pioneer Contrawild (LLP), including Akhil Sharma and Nikhil Sharma, along with Amit Agarwal, Ashish Singh, and architect Vaibhav Chauhan, will now face legal consequences for their involvement in these fraudulent activities.

The main matter lies in the creation of plots along a 9-meter road, depicted in plots no. 2, 37, and 48. These plots were established based on an amended site plan that was illegally approved with false and fabricated details.