Karnataka to Cancel Property Registration Made with Forged Documents

Karnataka to Cancel Property Registration Made with Forged Documents

A bill was passed in the Karnataka assembly to cancel any property registration if there are any fake documents—Amendment to Registration Act.

As per Registration Act 1908, there is no law for the cancellation of the registration of properties if the property is registered by using any fake documents! Karnataka Revenue Minister Krishna Byre Gowda moved the bill regarding registration cancellation because of the fake document.

The amendment to Registration Act will also include a punishment of three years in jail if someone is indulged in any scandalous activity. Modifications in the Registration Act will empower property registration authorities to cancel any scandalous property registration.

The amendments empower the District Registrar, either Suo moto or in response to a complaint, to cancel the registration of properties with fake or unnecessary documents. The new amendments also provide an appeal by the aggrieved party.

It is noticed that these types of property registration, including fake documents, happen when there is an active participation of the officials involved in these registrations, and at times, the officials are not even aware of such happenings.

The minister said that because of the fake documents, the property owners keep trying to prove their ownership, which sometimes takes up to 10 years.