Kerala Real Estate Projects Must Have QR Code from 1 September 2023—RERA

Kerala Real Estate Projects Must Have QR Code from 1 September 2023 RERA

The QR code assists the buyers of the specific real estate project with information, including physical progress, financial progress, approved plans, the latest pictures, and much more.

Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority will launch a Quick Response Code (QR Code) for every project registered under Kerala RERA (K-RERA). So, from September onwards, real estate promoters must display a QR code for every project’s promotion and advertisement.

The QR Code for every registered real estate project in Kerala will be available for buyers to download in the real estate promoter’s dashboard. K-RERA has also asked the promoters to publish the QR code legibly, and it must be detectable by interested buyers with the help of a software application.

Currently, real estate promoters must mention the website address of K-RERA, all information regarding their real estate project and the registration number allotted by the authorities. From September, the promoter will have the K-RERA registration number, the website address, and the QR code!

K-RERA chairman P.H. Kurian said launching the QR code will increase real estate transaction’s transparency. The QR code will be applied for every single form of advertisement, including newspapers, journals, social media, brothers, websites, printed flyers and a lot more!