Lucknow Development Authority — ‘Second Innings’ Flats for Senior Citizens in Gomti Nagar

Lucknow Development Body Seals Illegal Hotels, Row Houses

Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) plans to construct a ‘second inning’ property, meeting the needs of senior citizens so that they may live independently.

To provide a safe and secure living environment for senior citizens living independently, LDA has a new plan to provide them with flats excessively designed for senior citizens. So, to meet the plan’s requirement, 35,000 square meters of land near a water body located in Viraj Khand will be used. This vacant land was lost in the LDA records and was recently identified during the drone survey.

On Monday, 23 August 2023, the Vice Chairman of Lucknow Development Authority, Indramani Tripathi, said,” The project will come up on a 2,500 square meter area. It will include a seven-storey building with eight studio apartments on each floor. Each flat will be 400 square feet. The apartments will be designed to cater for the need of senior citizens with adequate space for balconies, dressing rooms and bathrooms”.

Further, he added that approximately 30,000 sq. meters of land would be used to construct wide roads and beautiful parks.

The flats will be only for citizens who are 60 years or more than 60 years on lease but not for sale. Furthermore, the property will have several amenities, including a community kitchen, lawn, ambulance services, yoga centre, mediation centre, gym, clubhouse, and more.