Maharashtra Set to Acquire Iconic Air India Building for Rs. 1,601 Crore

Maharashtra Set to Acquire Iconic Air India Building for Rs. 1,601 Crore

Maharashtra plans to take over Mumbai’s famous Air India building for its own use, turning the landmark into offices for important state work.

The Maharashtra government plans to purchase the famous Air India building located at Nariman Point in Mumbai for Rs. 1,601 crore. This decision, made during a meeting led by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, aims to reclaim the building for the state’s use, as it was built on land owned by the government itself.

Originally constructed in 1974, the 23-storey building is an iconic part of Mumbai’s skyline. Due to the fire incident at Mantralaya, the state’s secretariat, several important departments like public health, medical education, water supply, sanitation, and rural development have been working from GT Hospital. With the acquisition of the Air India building, these departments, among others, might shift to this new space.

The building, previously owned by Air India Assets Holding Limited, features nine vacant floors currently. The government plans to repurpose this space for state activities, aiming to put the unused floors to better use.

This iconic building, designed by John Burgee, a renowned architect known for his post-modern designs, faced tragic events in the past. It was a target during the 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai, causing significant damage. Despite its history, the government’s move to acquire the property for official use marks a new chapter in the building’s legacy.

The acquisition, a part of the state’s efforts, looks to optimise the 4.99 lakh square feet of the building, which was put up for sale as part of Air India’s asset monetization plans in 2018.