MahaRERA Directs to Present Verified Commencement Certificate for Registration


To avoid fraud, MahaRERA has decided not to register any property unless it presents the commencement certificate verified by local planning authorities.

A commencement certificate (CC) is permission for construction issued by some competent authority. The real estate developers must have the certificate to proceed with the construction as per the plan.

Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) will now approve the new registrations for the latest real estate projects after the presentation of verified commencement certificates by some local authorities.

From Nagar Panchayat, Metropolitan Planning Authority, to councils and corporations, everyone had time till 19th June 2023 to integrate their website with MahaRERA or send project registration as an independent email. MahaRERA has also made it essential for local authorities to send those commencement certificates to the verified email address of MahaRERA.

A MahaRERA official said, “The initiative has been taken to ensure that there is no repeat of the Kalyan Dombivali incident, in which several developers submitted fake documents to obtain MahaRERA registration certificates.”

In the case of Kalyan-Dombivali, many real estate developers submitted fake documents just to get the registration certificates from Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

The officials of MahaRERA have also added that “until and unless they don’t receive the emails, they are not going to grant any new registrations”.

On Wednesday (21st June), sources from MahaRERA said they are still waiting for the proposal from local authorities.

An official of MahaRERA said, “Since it has only been two days, we are hoping that they will do so by next week. Unless we receive a mail from them, we will not grant any new registration,”