More Than Half of the Pending Rental Registrations Cleared in 4 Days—Pune

More Than Half of the Pending Rental Registrations Cleared in 4 Days Pune

In Pune, the registration officials followed the speedy process and cleared 90% of the pending rental registrations.

Approximately 27 offices of the registration department in Pune City cleared around 90% of 13,500 applications for leave and licence in just four days! This speedy registration process has brought so much ease to citizens involved in these pending registrations.

Joint district registrar, Santosh Hingane said,”Of the 27 offices, 24 had a pendency of less than 50 documents on Friday, while eight had a pendency in single digit. Three offices with more pendency have been told to speed up the process”.

According to several officials, the documents of leave and licence are registered in the online process, and according to this procedure, these documents are cleared within 24 hours! However, the citizens continuously complained about waiting a lot for their registrations to get cleared. They had to wait for almost fortnight to months! They were told that everyone was facing technical issues, so their registration processes needed to be completed, and they had to wait.

A tenant, Raghubir Yadav, said, ” With the process picking up pace now, I am hoping mine too will be cleared soon”.

This speedy registration process has relieved the buyers, especially in the cities like Pune and Mumbai, where the delay was spanning since 20-25 days.