New Realty Hub Coming in New Town: West Bengal

New Realty Hub Coming in New Town, West Bengal

A new realty hub has been approved at Jagadishpur Mauja with several innovative themes and amazing modern luxuries.

The State Cabinet in Kolkata approved a new realty project in West Bengal that will be spread over 58 acres and have special reservations for people of the Economically Weaker Section.

The standing committee passed over a 28.1-acre land to JSR Grain Energy for a lease of 99 years for a grain-based distillery unit!

The State Finance Minister, Chandrima Bhattacharya, said that the committee that was held had approved the passing of the land for setting up the ethanol plant located at the Gazole in Malda. One of the ethanol plants will be located at the Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation in Malda itself!

Even the government is developing several plans to promote ethanol production in West Bengal. And for this, the lands will be provided for the ethanol-based plants and their production.

The launching of these projects and these programmes are to help the traders in the micro, small and medium sectors who are in their startup stages and to entrepreneurs.